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Paintball Sports Memory – The big competition
Tuesday June 4, 2019

Win great prizes in the Paintball Sports Memory sweepstakes

We have come up with something very special for you. Every Paintball Sports customer automatically takes part in the large Paintball Sports product memory during the campaign period and can win lots of great prizes. Participation is completely free.

During the promotion period (see current banner above) prizes with a total value of over 10,000 euros will be given away. These include many current products from top brands and manufacturers.

What is the Paintball Sports Memory Sweepstakes?

First and foremost, it should be an entertaining thank you from us to you. We want to give something back to our customers, so we're running a free sweepstakes .

With every purchase you will receive at least one Paintball Sports Memory prize card during the promotional period. You can receive additional winning cards for the purchase of specially selected products. Each winning card can either contain a small instant prize or is part of a larger prize, for which you need 2-3 winning cards in the correct order.

For example, a brand new Dye M3+ or a Planet Eclipse CS2 awaits you as the main prize . For these main prizes you have to collect a total of 3 cards on which parts of the main prize are shown. If you can show all 3 cards (1/3, 2/3 and 3/3), you will receive the prize from us. The price is shown on each card, but only part is in color and the rest is black and white. The colored part marks your winning ticket. When you have collected all the cards in order to be able to combine all parts of the prize in a colored version, you will receive the price shown when you hand it in to our shop.

This is how you can participate in the Paintball Sports Memory…

The participation is very easy. With every purchase you will automatically receive a ticket. If your purchase includes one of the selected products (see below), you will receive additional lots. With every order you automatically take part in our product memory. You will receive at least one ticket for every order. The respective ticket will be assigned to you at random.

1 LOT with every order in the online shop and with every purchase in the retail store. – No matter what order value.

1 additional LOT for each paintball marker, HP system, mask, hopper and each box of paintballs

2 more LOTS for every paintball marker from 500 euros and every box of tournament paintballs

3 more LOTS for each paintball marker from 1,000 euros


Your order includes a marker worth 600 euros (2 lots), a mask (1 lot) and an HP system. (1 lot). – With your order you will receive 4 lots in a package.

We wish all customers a lot of fun participating in the Paintball Sports Memory competition.

Have fun 🙂

Conditions of participation:

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