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Paintball Sports Magazine – Issue 2 / 2019
Wednesday March 6, 2019

The Paintball Sports Magazine – Issue 2 / 2019

The currently only German-language paintball magazine is entering the second round. From the beginning of April, the new booklet awaits you in the Paintball Sports Store and with every order that you make in the Paintballsports.de online shop . Of course, the second issue will again be free for all customers.

The new issue is bigger, prettier and better!

Of course, our editors have not been idle. We are constantly working to make Paintball Sports Magazine even better for you. In the second edition, for example, you can expect even more content and also a fresh, improved presentation in the form of a different cover. The new issue is now much more reminiscent of a real paintball magazine than the first edition.

Of course you will find all the news and information about the German paintball scene in the magazine again this time. There is a lot of reading material in the booklet for beginners as well as experienced professionals, from tournament reports to woodland and scenario topics.

Big paintball competition in Paintball Sports Magazine

What many of you may not know, in Paintball Sports Magazine there is a great paintball competition in every issue where you can win big prizes. For the second edition we've upped the ante. Of course we don't want to give too much away just yet, but let's say this much, the price pool is in four figures 😉

So far so good. We hope you are as excited as we are for the second edition. The best way to bridge the waiting time is with a round of paintball on the field near you. The weather is getting better and the season is slowly starting. All Paintball Sports Magazine readers have fun and a successful start to the season.

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