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Paintball Sports Magazine – Issue 01/2020
Monday January 20, 2020

Your paintball booklet for the 2020 season – The Paintballsports Magazine

Dear readers of Paintballsports Magazin, this year we will again be publishing 4 issues of our magazine with lots of exciting reports, background information and great pictures for you. The plan is to print the magazine throughout the year with consistently good quality and a large circulation. The goal should be to set the course this year for an even stronger year 2021. We are already working on this big plan and will do everything we can to achieve our ambitious goal in each subsequent edition. We are firmly convinced that Paintballsports Magazine is not only a pleasure to read, but also offers added value to the whole scene. Let's bring the sport of paintball a little more to the public with this issue. Because that's the only way our resort can grow in the long term and get more acceptance.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all readers and supporters. Last but not least, we see that our magazine is also receiving more and more support in the German paintball scene because advertising from some partners is already represented in the magazine. The income from this will be used for the editorial expansion of the magazine and will only benefit Paintballsports Magazine itself.

Partners of the current issue (01/2020) include Planet Eclipse , the colleagues from Jim&Jimmys in Hildesheim , the Oberharz paintball field and the Paint-Supply shop from Berlin . – Thanks alot!!!

The contents of the latest issue – Paintballsports Magazine 01/2020

The first issue of the new season has a few real hits ready for you. Of course, the topic of tournament paintball should not be missing at the start of the season. In order to give all tournament players as much information as possible for the upcoming paintball year, we have a big report on the DPL season 2020 for you. We also look at the alternatives in tournament sports. Instead of a poster, this time we have included a complete calendar of events with all the important dates for the current year in the magazine. – You won't miss an event or a league match day again! If that's not enough for you, you can win one of 2 DPL starting places for the coming season in our competition this time. We will then draw the winners at the beginning of April, so with a good lead time for the start of the season.

There is also a lot for the scenario and MagFed fans. We have a cool event report from SBG from last year for you and then we take a detailed look at the new Umarex RAM pistols in Cal. 43 on. These are of particular interest to the MagFed faction among our readers.

Otherwise, of course, you can also see the latest products in this issue. – This time even twice as many novelties!

For all hobby paintballers, we also took a look behind the scenes of Germany's most modern paintball amusement park. Here, too, there is a lot to learn for the interested Lesser.

In any case, we wish you a lot of fun reading the latest issue of Paintballsports Magazine.

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