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Paintball Shop Austria – Paintball Sports
Monday January 28, 2019

Paintball Sports – Your paintball shop for all of Austria

In Germany we are already widely known in the paintball scene. Our neighbors from Austria , on the other hand, don't know us that well. We want to change that today and introduce ourselves to you as apaintball shop for Austria .

Of course we know that there is a big paintball scene in Austria and that there are already many well-known and well-stocked providers in the country. Nevertheless, players from Austria also visit events in Germany time and again, or benefit from our large range that the local providers sometimes cannot offer.

In any case, we are very proud to be one of the leading paintball shops in Austria and Switzerland .

Austria has numerous local providers…

Dear customers, before you browse and order in our online shop , you should know that there are also many very professional paintball dealers in Austria. Especially with sensitive products like paintballs you should use a regional supplier . This ensures the best possible quality and short transport routes. If you are also undecided whether one or the other product is the right one for you, you should personally visit your trusted dealer and get advice on site. Local trade is always the best choice for this. In the following we would like to introduce you to the currently best paintball shops in Austria .

Tones Paintballshop – Everything for the active tournament player

The shop operated by paintball watch rock Anton "Tone" Heim has been one of the leading providers in the Austrian paintball scene for years. Tone has more than 20 years of paintball experience and is still active in tournament sports. He knows exactly what is required of modern tournament equipment and will give you competent advice on the subject of paintball equipment in the shop.

Customers who are not from the region will find what they are looking for in Tones paintball online shop and can place their order conveniently via the Internet.

Click here for Tones Paintball Onlineshop – LINK

Paintballshop.at – paintball store and playing field in one

The provider Paintball.at started its business in 1984 with one of the first paintball fields in Austria . Over the years, a local field store was first built and finally an entire paintball online shop was created.

At Paintballshop.at you will find everything you need as a newcomer or experienced professional. The offer is extensive and the price-performance ratio is right . Thanks to the connected playing field, you can also try out your equipment directly from this provider.

Click here for the online shop of Paintball.at- LINK

MAXS Sport Austria – The MAXS Sport Paintball Shop in Austria

Unfortunately, the MAXS brand disappeared from the German market in 2017. In Austria there is one last offshoot of this brand that was able to assert itself as an independent paintball shop under the label MAXS Sport . MAXS Sport Austria is one of the oldest providers on the Austrian scene and has a lot of experience in sports. As a customer, you are definitely in good hands here.

Click here for the MAXS Sport Austria shop – LINK

10Seconds Paintball Store – The Field Shop

Paintball Shop 10Seconds AT belongs to one of the local game fields. It is one of the smaller providers. As a customer, you will find a well-assorted, albeit manageable, range on site. But definitely more than enough for customers who shop on the field .

Here you will find the paintball online shop from 10-Seconds AT – LINK

AT-Paintball – The woodland & scenario specialist in Austria

AT-Paintball 's paintball shop specializes in MagFed Paintball , Woodland & Scenario. You won't find tournament equipment here, but you will find a large selection of current markers, masks and accessories for the most common tactical paintball marker models such as Milsig , First Strike and Tippmann .

AT Paintball Onlineshop – LINK

NxtLvl Paintball Store – The local provider in Austria

The NextLevel AT shop is centrally located in the Austrian capital Vienna. Here it means messing instead of padding. The shop convinces with a modern, spacious ambience and a large selection. Definitely the first choice in Austria for a local shop visit. No other provider has a shop with comparable equipment.

There is a reason why the shop stands out so much. N xtLvl AT has completely specialized in local trade in Vienna. You will look in vain for an online shop and so as an interested customer you have to make the journey to the capital for better or worse. Nevertheless, one can say quite clearly that the visit is worthwhile in any case.

Click here for the Facebook page of the NxtLvl store in Vienna – LINK

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