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Paintball savings packages – buying complete sets is always cheaper!
Thursday December 21, 2017

Buy complete paintball sets – the inexpensive alternative

We are often asked by newcomers what equipment to buy, which manufacturer is the best, and of course where you can save the most money as a beginner in paintball.

In such cases, we usually advise our customers to buy a so-called paintball savings package . These are complete sets that usually only contain items from one or at least a few manufacturers. This has several advantages for the buyer. On the one hand, of course, the price, because many manufacturers sell complete paintball equipment , which consists only of their products, cheaper than if it is just a single product. Of course, as a dealer, we pass this price advantage on to you as a customer. In some cases you can get a 20-30% discount on paintball equipment , or you can even get some parts in the set completely free of charge. Exactly what discounts and additional items there are always depends on the manufacturer or the brand and, last but not least, also has to do with the brand's range.

A popular brand for paintball savings packages is Dye. Since Dye really produces everything itself, from the hopper to the mask to the marker and air system, this manufacturer can of course offer its products perfectly as a complete set . Other brands that do not produce their own hoppers or air systems, for example, cannot do this, or would have to buy parts of the set from other brand manufacturers instead. However, this increases the price, because in the end both the manufacturer and the trade must of course still earn something from this set.

Why should I buy all items from the same brand in a paintball savings pack?

Buying a set that includes many, or even all, products from a brand has several advantages. One is, as explained in the paragraph above, the price. A manufacturer who offers everything and sells several products at once can also offer a correspondingly good price on it.

Another advantage that should not be underestimated is the compatibility of the individual components . Of course, manufacturers always test new products on their own products first. For example, GI Sports will have first tested its new level loader on the Empire Vanquish , which they also produce, instead of testing it on a Smart Parts Shocker , for example. So it may be that the hopper does not perform as well on other markers, for example. Be it in shape and appearance, or through other factors such as shifting the center of gravity in a different direction.

So a good hopper like the Dye Rotor will always be better balanced on a Dye marker than on a non-Dye marker.

Another example, Australian manufacturer MacDev's Drone Marker models work best with an HP system with a low pressure regulator (450 PSI). But Dye only builds normal 850 PSI HP systems as standard. If the customer now buys a MacDev paintball marker and a Dye HP system, it is not compatible without further adjustment. If the customer were to buy a MacDev marker and a bottle sold/offered directly by MacDev , this problem would be ruled out in the first place.

So you see, when buying paintball equipment, it's not just about the price, it's about a lot more. If you have any questions, we are of course happy to assist you and advise you in detail when buying your first paintball complete set.

I would still like an individual paintball savings package – how do I put it together?

If you know your way around and like it a little more individual, you can of course easily put together your own paintball set . We have optimized our online shop in such a way that it offers you a great deal of freedom in selecting the individual pieces of equipment when you buy it.

The basis of the respective paintball set is always the marker, this is fixed and can only be changed in the color variant. Then it's on to the details. In the next steps and options you can choose between dozens of masks, air systems and hoppers . So you can put together your own personal paintball savings package and always have full cost control when selecting the individual items. If you e.g. a normal marker with a standard HP system and 200 hopper is enough, but you would like to wear a high-quality mask to have more comfort on the field, then that can be selected without any problems.

If it is not possible to make a selection, or if you have special requests, we will of course be happy to put together an individual paintball savings package for you.

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