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Paintball savings packages & beginner sets
Thursday April 11, 2019

Your very own paintball savings package from Paintball Sports

As one of the leading paintball shops in Germany, we not only offer you fair prices and good service, but also a huge selection of different products. This is particularly noticeable with our savings packages . We have the right paintball equipment for every player and for every game situation and will be happy to put together an individual offer for you at the best price with your desired marker and all accessories.

How can I put together my own paintball set?

The answer to that is relatively simple. In our online shop you will find the paintball savings packages category at the top of the marker section. There we have put together a suitable complete set for almost all common paintball marker models with which you can start right away. All sets contain the most important basic products, such as the paintball marker, a paintball protective mask, an air system and a paintball hopper.

All products included in the set are designed for function and longevity, in other words, you really only get the best quality from us and a product that you can work with without problems even as a beginner.

If the basic equipment is not enough for you, you can select upgrades in almost any of our sets. Although these are chargeable, they also offer a plus in performance or comfort for your equipment. For example, choose from other color variants for the marker. With the paintball mask, you can also put a higher-quality model with thermal glass in the package. These high-end masks are much better to wear than the inexpensive entry-level models and also have a few other interesting additional features to offer.

Even with the loader and the air system, you don't necessarily have to live with the cheap basic product. Here you can choose from several upgrade options and improve and expand your paintball savings package individually according to your wishes at a low price.

How much does complete paintball equipment cost?

We are often asked this question. Unfortunately, there is no general answer to this. When it comes to price, you can buy paintball equipment from us for less than 50 euros . This package contains, for example, a paintball pistol with some ammunition and a couple of Co2 capsules as a propellant charge.

If you want to buy a complete paintball set , which already has a mask, hopper and HP system in addition to the marker, you can get it from around 150 euros. If desired, these sets can then be improved again with the upgrades already mentioned above.

What should I look out for when buying a paintball savings package and which upgrades make sense?

We generally recommend a few simple things to keep in mind. On the one hand, you should not choose the marker based on its appearance, but on its intended purpose. For example, if you want to compete in tournaments, the marker should be light and manoeuvrable. Neither a shoulder rest nor a cool, brute look will get you further on the tournament field. If you want to go into the woodland & scenario area, then you should value a robust model. Beautiful, eye-catching designs are not only easily scratched in the forest, they also quickly attract attention in the undergrowth and offer little camouflage properties. Choosing the right marker model is therefore very important!

Then there is the hopper . This should definitely be designed for the performance of your marker. The rule of thumb says, if your marker is electronic, then your hopper should be too, in order to be able to load enough balls into it. The mask can be cheap at first, but it should also be the first thing you upgrade. A paintball mask acts like a pair of shoes, it's the first thing you put on when you go onto the field and you don't take it off until the very end when you leave the field. It should therefore sit comfortably and not fog up. So if you plan to upgrade your equipment at one point or another, start with the mask.

The air system is the final item in your starting gear. Here it depends on your ammunition consumption and the intended use. If you get there with 400-500 shots per game, then one of the inexpensive 0.8 liter HP systems with 200 bar inflation pressure will do. However, if you shoot more, or are out on the tournament field where speed and agility are required, then you should consider purchasing a lighter composite HP system. These paintball HP systems usually have a filling volume of 1.1 liters and a working pressure of 300 bar.

So much for our little beginner's guide on the subject of paintball beginner sets and savings packages. We hope you got a little help. If you heed the above tips a little, nothing can go wrong when buying your new paintball equipment. If you are still unsure, ask our colleagues or your trusted paintball shop. They will be happy to help you and give you further tips and assistance.

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