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Paintball Park Hanover
Tuesday April 10, 2018

Paintball Parcs Hannover – play paintball in Amedorf

In the north-west of Hanover, about 25 minutes from the city center is the paintball facility of Paintball Parcs Hanover . Operator Hartwig Huntemüller has converted his parents' former farm into one of the largest paintball fields in the Hanover area in recent years.

Paintball Parcs offers indoor & outdoor paintball on over 35,000 square meters

The extensive complex extends over the entire courtyard and the surrounding fields. A huge area with lots to discover. The playing fields are typically themed with lots of wood covering, straw bales and undergrowth. A large part of the barns and former pigsties are also an integral part of the huge paintball world of Paintball Parcs Hanover .

A special highlight is the large action field, where the players switch between indoor and outdoor areas and have to fight their way through narrow corridors and across wide meadows to the opponent's base. Light effects inside the buildings provide additional flair and a cool atmosphere.

Family atmosphere to feel good

The special thing about Paintball Parcs is not the playing fields or the equipment, but the people on site and the special atmosphere away from the paintball fields.

The operator's entire family helps out on the field at weekends, ensuring the players have a comfortable stay. It is grilled, chatted and everything is done to make the customer feel comfortable. A very successful concept that is very popular in the region.

The large natural bathing lake that players can use to swim in the summer months after playing paintball is particularly cool.

Paintball Parcs Hannover – A facility purely for recreational players

The facility of Paintball Parcs is mainly designed for hobby and leisure paintballers . You will search in vain for a tournament field or for the colorfully dressed super players. But that's not really wanted at all, and wouldn't really fit into the idyllic concept of the facility.

Here, as a paintball newcomer, you can simply be among yourselves and can spend a relaxed paintball day with like-minded people without having to worry that the next professional will suddenly shoot you over the head.

Recreational players with their own equipment, on the other hand, are often represented there, but these fit seamlessly into the concept and are also happy to help newcomers with questions about paintball sports.

So if you want to spend a relaxed paintball day in northern Hanover, Paintball Parcs is the place for you. Appointments to play paintball can be requested directly on the homepage.

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