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Paintball novelties for summer 2020
Tuesday July 21, 2020

Buy Virtue Ace paintball markers VIRTUE GOES LUXE – THE NEW VIRTUE ACE

The premium manufacturer Virtue has teamed up with the high-end marker manufacturer DLX Luxe. The result is the Virtue ACE. A Luxe X in a new body design that is tuned to the max with additional functions and upgrades. In addition, the Virtue ACE comes with the new Virtue Spire IV Loader in special colors that are only available for the marker. Unfortunately, there is no direct delivery date yet. We are curious.

Available: not known | Price: from €2399.95


The American manufacturer Carbon Paintball has now launched its popular IC barrel in a silver color variant. The barrel holds Freak XL sleeves and is one of the quietest and most accurate barrels with a Freak function on the market in terms of performance. The barrels come in a very nice box and include a silver Freak XL case. The barrel is ultra light and very well made.

Available: now | Price: from €129.95

Dynamic Sports Gear Tippmann TMC Upgrade cocking lever NEWS FROM DYNAMIC SPORTS GEAR – TIPPMANN TMC UPGRADE

Dynamic Sports Gear now has a new cocking lever for the Tippmann TMC. Thanks to the full metal design, this is not only significantly more stable than the series component, but also has an improved feel. Installation is really easy and can be done in just a few minutes. A useful upgrade for all TMC players. It is universally compatible with all versions of the Tippmann TMC.

Available: now | Price: €29.95

Push gradient paintball mask lenses GRADIENT LENSES – THREE NEW PUSH LENSES

The premium mask manufacturer PUSH has repeatedly inspired the paintball scene with innovative new products in recent years. This time the manufacturer is expanding its portfolio with three new color variants for the lenses of its Unite mask. The clear lenses with color gradient are designed to improve visibility, especially when the sun is high in the sky. Thus, playing without a mask screen is possible without any problems.

Available: now | Price: from €54.95

Paintball Sports camp chair PLEASE SIT DOWN! – NEW PBS CHAIRS

For all Woodland & Scenario players, as well as all MagFed friends, we have relaunched our popular camping chair in a Desert Storm Edition. Quality and workmanship are the same as the old, blue model, but the new look should convince even the most die-hard camo fan. As a highlight, the rear headrest is equipped with a Velcro surface. So you can personalize your chair.

Available: from July | Price: €69.95

Virtue NTR Soeed Feeds


With the new generation of hoppers, Virtue says goodbye to the tried and tested Crown feeds and has introduced a new speed feed, the NTR (eNTeR) feed, which fits both the Virtue Spire III loader and the new BunkerKings CTRL hopper. The processing of the new NTR Speedfeed is again one level higher than that of the well-known Crownfeed. The individual components are interchangeable if things get a little wilder on the field.

Available: now | Price: from €44.95

First Strike T15 30 round magazine BIGGER IS BETTER – FIRST STRIKE 30S MAGAZINE

Already presented at the Extravaganza, the new 30 round Truefeed Magazines from First Strike have finally found their way into the shops. You now have a whopping 50% more magazine capacity in your T15. First Strike already offers three different sizes of magazines. At the Extravaganza there were rumors about a drum magazine 🙂 Until that happens, you can feed your opponents the 30-gauge magazine.

Available: from May 2020 | Price: from €39.95

Carmatech SAR12 Paintball Sniper Rifle CARMATECH IS BACK – THE SAR-12 GEN. 4 IS HERE

The Carmatech SAR-12 was no longer available in Europe for a long time. We sat down with the manufacturer and are happy to announce that the SAR-12 is now available again in all model variants in German stores. And not only that! When we add a product, we always try to develop it further. Therefore, we will be providing exclusive upgrades for the SAR-12 in the coming months.

Available: now | Price: from €1599.95


Dynamic Sports Gear keeps surprising the paintball community with innovative new products. The result this time is a high-quality First Strike sight rail that can be adjusted up to 7 degrees in the angle of inclination. An adjustable riser is almost always a must in the MagFed area and should not be missing in any long-range setup. Has anyone done the preparatory work for their previously announced PSR-14 sniper rifle?

Available: now | Price: from €89.95


And the third prank of Virtue. The company has launched its midrange mask, the Virtue Ascend, in four fresh color variants. The new models are called Graphics Red, Lime and Cyan, as well as Highlander. The latter is a new camo version. All masks have the thermal glass of the Virtue VIO installed as standard. A top mask in the middle class. Here, too, the processing of the mask is just great.

Available: now | Price: from €114.95

Buy Carmtech Nemesis paintball barrels here SNIPER GUARDS BEWARE… – CARMATECH NEMESIS BARRELS

Everyone has known that Carmatech builds good paintball sniper rifles since the SAR-12 at the latest. Since the SAR-12 has been on the market, it has undefeated the throne of sniper rifles. But not everyone knows that they also run well. The Nemesis runs have moves and squares and are even said to be superior to those of Hammerhead. The barrels come in different threads and lengths.

Available: now | Price: from €144.95

PowAir Performance Line Paintball HP systems NEW 1.5L HP SYSTEMS – POWAIR PERFORMANCE LINE

The PowAir brand has been stirring up the market with its HP systems for several months. Now, with the 1.5 liter Performance Line bottle, another new HP system is on the way that is convincing in terms of value for money and shocks the competition with its key data. Available as a complete system with PowAir Maxreg regulator or individually as a bottle without a regulator.

Available: now | Price: from €199.95

Buy Tippmann Airsoft protective masks here FOR AIRSOFT 6 MAGFED – TIPPMANN MESH MASK

The manufacturer GI Sportz is gradually entering the airsoft market with its brands Tippmann and Empire. New masks with mesh fabric mouthguards have now been presented. These are also very popular with MagFed paintballers as they are better ventilated and make communication easier. Both masks are based on the proven JT Flex systems and also use their lenses. Carrying and seating comfort convinces all along the line.

Available: from April | Price: from €84.95

The new Artlife Commander Huntsman MagFed paintballs ARTLIFE UPGRADE AGAIN – ARTLIFE HUNTSMAN PAINT

The Artlife Commander Paint has been the measure of all things in the MagFed area for quite some time. Regardless of the weather, you can always rely on the paint from Artlife. Now the manufacturer has done it again and with the Artlife Huntsman has practically brought a premium version of the Commander onto the market. Even more accurate and compatible with magazines and MagFed markers. Optimal flight characteristics guaranteed.

Available: now | Price: from €49.95

Paintball Sports Paintballs - Inexpensive and high quality PRICE AND QUALITY MATCH HERE – THE PBS TRAININGSPAINT

Are you looking for a high-quality paint at a really fair price? Then your search is over. The new Paintball Sports Training Paint is a good all-round ball with a two-tone shell that leaves nothing to be desired. Try it now and form your own opinion. The color comes in an attractive box. The 2000 paintballs are divided into four separate bags and protected by extra thick cardboard.

Available: now | Price: €24.00

Planet Eclipse EMF100 CF20 True Feed Magazine EMEF MG100 UPGRADE – CF20 TRUE FEED MAGAZINE

Planet Eclipse is currently working on its own 20 round True-Feed magazine for its MagFed Farbsaber EMEF MG100. According to Planet, the new magazines, which can also be used in the Dye DAM, are in the final phase of development and will most likely be on the market this summer. This means that EMEK MG100 players will soon have two magazine variants to choose from. The CF20 Mag and the FID Magazine.

Available: from summer 2020 | Price: still unknown.

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