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Paintball Land Paintball Shop – The online giant from the east
Monday November 19, 2018

Paintball Land – The big paintball shop from Elsterwerda

Today's post about competitors from the paintball scene is about the company RBT , or better known in paintball circles as Paintball-Land.de .

Owner and managing director Roy Becker has built up one of the largest and most successful paintball online shops in the German-speaking world over the past 10 years.

The offer includes many of the big top brands and is generally designed for inexpensive offers.

Buy cheap paintball products at Paintball Land

The target group of Paintball Land is clearly the price-oriented customer. The provider advertises practically all year round with discounts and promotions. As a paintballer, you can definitely make one or two bargains here and shop really cheaply. The range can still be expanded, but is already very well structured and balanced for the average consumer.

Buy New Legion Paintballs at Paintball Land

The paintballs of the New Legion brand will probably be known to pretty much every paintball player today. The brand belongs to Paintball Land and is therefore practically something like a house brand. However, in recent years, New Legion has become a respected scene brand when it comes to paintballs through massive brand presence, sponsorship and other marketing measures.

Many teams rely on the inexpensive paintballs of this brand.

Paintball Land Paintball Shop – The local shop

The core business here is clearly online trading. On site, the visitor will only find a small show room with a manageable range. However, if desired, all products can be retrieved from the warehouse in a few moments so that they can be taken away immediately.

Paintball Land is definitely a paintball shop with a full range, but really only for online shoppers or players who know exactly what they are looking for on site. Unfortunately, one looks in vain for great inspiration in the shop due to the limited exhibition space. Even if service and advice on site are consistently good.

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