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Paintball in Frankfurt Rhineland-Palatinate
Monday January 2, 2023

Paintball in Frankfurt Rhineland-Palatinate

Anyone who has ever wondered where the density of paintball shops and paintball fields is in Germany will find what they are looking for in the Frankfurt area. You will find most paintball facilities and dealers in Frankfurt Rhineland-Palatinate. Some of the most well-known providers and largest paintball fields are located there. The Paintball Bundesliga location Solms, where the king class of the German Paintball League DPL was held for years, is also not far.

We are your paintball shop in Frankfurt Rhineland-Palatinate

For us as a paintball dealer, the area around Frankfurt and the entire state of Rhineland-Palatinate is therefore an interesting place. Many of our customers and numerous support teams come from the Frankfurt Rhineland-Palatinate area. Of course, as one of the largest online shops in the industry, we also deliver there. Numerous packages leave our warehouse every day in the direction of Rhineland-Palatinate and the surrounding area. Our paintball savings packages are particularly popular, because players can get a decent discount when they buy them.

The most famous paintball fields in the Frankfurt area

As already mentioned, some of the largest paintball fields are in the Rhein-Main area. These include the Montabaur paintball factory , the Paintball Action Park and the Weinstraße paintball field. The paintball field in Hahn, in the village of Altlay, is one of the largest facilities for tournament sports.

Paintball in Frankfurth Rhineland-Palatinate

These are the paintball shops in Rhineland-Palatinate

The Plat Hirsch and leading paintball shop in Rhineland-Palatinate is clearly the company 2die4 Sportz. No local provider looks after more teams than the team of Stefan Maiwald and his colleagues. In addition, 2die4 Sports also has one of the largest paintball shops in all of Europe. With around 400 square meters, it is the largest paintball shop in Germany. The paintball shop of Paint Xtreme is not quite in Rhineland-Palatinate, but a good bit closer to Frankfurt. Another good contact point for players and teams on site. We can definitely recommend both shops and have been working well and successfully with them for years.

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