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Paintball.de – Planet Eclipse Germany
Tuesday December 4, 2018

The Paintball.de online shop becomes PE-Paintball.de

A major change took place in the German paintball market as early as 2017. The long-established paintball provider OPM, better known as Paintball.de , became a cooperation with the Planet Eclipse brand.

Planet bought its long-term partner and took over its structures in the German warehouse in Düsseldorf. To be more precise , the company OPM under the Paintball.de label has not existed since then.

This change was hidden from many paintball players, but not too much attention was paid to it. This is how the new company name PE-Paintball.de GmbH came into being as part of the group of companies. This is de facto no longer a pure paintball dealer, but in reality the company Planet Eclipse with a location in Germany, a B2C paintball online shop and a shop to supply end customers.

Planet Eclipse & Paintball.de – Decades of friendship

What began more than 20 years ago with a small paintball tuning company called Eclipse and OPM, one of the first paintball shops in Germany, has become a solid partnership over the years and also a friendship between two companies.

Paintball.de , which at that time was still operating under the name OPM, was the first German paintball dealer to venture into the products of the Planet Eclipse brand from England. The beginning was quite simple, the first product that came onto the market was a simple clamp feed that made it possible to mount the hopper on the marker and remove it again without tools.

Over the years, Planet has continued to develop new, innovative products and OPM has remained a loyal partner and sales channel to the brand. Slowly, a full line of products developed and the Planet Eclipse brand began its ascent to the top of the world's top paintball brands.

When the Planet Eclipse EGO, the first pneumatic blowback rammer marker, rolled off the assembly line in 2005, Planet ex was there. The model hit like a bomb and was the first of a long series of Planet Eclipse paintball markers , which are still produced in various, extended versions. The technology, which was very advanced at the time, ensured enormous sales figures on the market and Paintball.de's loyalty over the years finally paid off. They became the official and exclusive Planet Eclipse sales partner for the German-speaking area. This not only secured them a monopoly on one of the best paintball marker models at the time, but was also the cornerstone for the company's later success.

No wonder these two companies have been so closely intertwined for over 20 years. The company merger that has now taken place was only the logical next step in the history of these two companies.

We will see how the new company PE-Paintball.de will continue. But we are sure that Planet Eclipse will continue to innovate on the European paintball market in the new constellation.

Tactically not unwise – thanks to Brexit…

One of the main reasons for the merger of Paintball.de and the Planet Eclipse brand, in addition to the long-standing partnership, is likely to be the changing economic aspect due to the upcoming Brexit.

If England leaves the union of states, then in the worst case this can mean customs duties and additional taxes. This would practically cut off the Planet Eclipse brand, which is originally based in England, from the European market. A major competitive disadvantage that has been outsmarted with this cooperation.

With the new location in Germany, Planet Eclipse has now created a mainstay in central Europe that, in our opinion, will have a decisive influence on the future of the company.

The entire Planet Eclipse range is of course also available at Paintball Sports

Paintball.de is still not the only Planet Eclipse dealer in Germany, even if it is practically the largest. Of course, everything that is available at Pantball.de on Planet Eclipse products can also be bought from us in the Paintball Sports online shop.

We are in no way inferior to the big manufacturers and can offer you the same products at the same prices.

Paintball Sports is and will remain your number one contact for the Planet Eclipse brand in northern Germany.

Here you will find the manufacturer's website of Planet Eclipse and the Paintball.de online shop – LINK

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