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Paintball Channel update
Thursday May 25, 2023


There are also far-reaching changes in the social media world of paintball this year. Tobias Martens, aka Kress, from the Paintball Channel has given his channel into new hands after around 12 years. Bertl from Battleground will take over the management of the channel in the future and will continue to fill it with content. You can find out how this came about and how the Paintball Channel should continue in the future in today's article .

If you are a paintball player in German-speaking countries and are looking for YouTube videos about our sport, you will usually end up on the Paintball Channel. With around 18,500 followers and well over 1000 uploaded videos, it is by far the largest paintball YouTube channel. No other German-language video format has such a tradition and consistency as the channel of Tobias Martens, formerly Tobias Hilger, AKA Kress. Tobi has been regularly providing the paintball community with new videos and content on his channel for over 12 years. Until now…

This year, however, a lot will change on the channel. Unfortunately, the topic of Corona has not gone unnoticed on the Paintball Channel in recent years. In addition, there is a change in the scene and, last but not least, a few private changes at Tobi himself. At this point, congratulations to the proud Papa-Tobi!

So Tobi told his followers on the channel at the beginning of March, with a sad face, that he would stop working on the Paintball Channel until further notice. If you want to know more about the background, just watch his video statement and you will have all the information first hand.


What at first glance looks like the end of an era and sounds like really sad bad news for many fans of the channel is only part of the current developments. In every upheaval there is also an opportunity for change and so Tobi, who naturally wants to continue his life's work, looked around for a worthy successor. He found this in Bertl Wolowitz from the Battleground paintball field. Bertl is known in the paintball world like a sore thumb. He has been an event organizer in paintball for 20 years and organizer of the Scenario Big Game (SBG), the Euro Super Game (ESG) and numerous other events that take place on the Battleground throughout the year. In addition, he and his video crew have been successfully running live streams of his events and, for example, X-Days for years. When it comes to video filming, he is even a bit better positioned than Tobi himself.

On request, Bertl sent us the following statement, which gives an idea of a great future for the channel:


We will use our longstanding contacts in the industry and scene to give the channel a further boost. In addition to background reports on the Battleground and the events on site, it will continue to be a project by and for the community. – Open Minded and without constraints. A channel by players for players and without any economic interest.


The Paintball Channel should continue to grow and remain the media mouthpiece on YouTube for the German paintball scene in the future. Independent of commercial providers and offering a home for everyone. Tournament sport will also continue to find its media home here and a community project is also planned in which a video submitted by the community will be published every month. Cooperation with the current Supair leagues, as well as ICPL and various events is also planned.


We are also happy to announce that Tobi will continue to work as a freelancer on the Paintball Channel. He will therefore remain part of the channel and will also be seen in one or the other video in the future. But not only Tobi will be part of the channel, we are also happy about Hossa, RawToArt and many other partners who will support the channel with their contributions and their work.



From our point of view, that not only sounds promising, but also like a real development boost for the Paintball Channel. So it will be very interesting to see how things will continue from now on. The channel always welcomes sponsors and partner inquiries. The ability to finance this mammoth project has always been an issue in the past. Many from the scene supported Tobi at the time. The new Paintball Channel project can still use all the support from the paintball industry, be it manufacturers, dealers or field operators. It's up to everyone to get that channel from the scene, for the scene. Incidentally, teams and players who want to take part in the new community project can now submit their video contributions. A video from the community is published on the channel once a month. It's best to just talk to Bertl or one of the other people in charge of the Paintball Channel directly.

In any case, we will continue to follow the future development of the channel for you and are already looking forward to fresh content and new content on Germany's largest paintball YouTube channel.

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