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Paint Xtreme Paintball Shop – The shop in Waldems
Tuesday January 22, 2019

Paint Xtreme – The paintball shop with over 20 years of market experience.

Hardly any other provider has been in the paintball business for as long as Lars Herzig and his company Paint Xtreme . The small shop from Waldems in Hesse has specialized in the brands First Strength / Tiberius Arms and DLX Luxe and has been selling them successfully as a distributor for years.

The subsidiary Magfed.de has also belonged to Paint Xtreme GmbH since 2018. Under this label, one would like to attack the Woodland market more intensively and advertise in the MagFed paintball scene. With a few exceptions, the shop reflects the Paint Xtreme range, but is limited to the scenario aspect and almost completely ignores tournament sports products.

Paint Xtreme – The small but fine shop in Waldems am Taunus.

As much as Paint Xtreme is present in the online market and social media, it gets all the quieter when you head towards the store. The small shop in tranquil Waldems dates back to the company's infancy and has not been significantly expanded since then. As a customer, however, a selected and very high-quality range of brands awaits you on site. However, you should inquire about the availability of the desired products in advance, otherwise it may be that, due to the relatively small storage and shop areas, you have arrived in vain because the desired item is not in stock.

In the online shop, on the other hand, you will find the complete selection of current paintball products from all top brands.

A small drawback, unfortunately there is no stock display in the new Paint Xtreme online shop , which has existed since 2018. As a customer, you are always a little dependent on chance when it comes to the availability of the goods. But that in itself is not a problem. If you can wait a few days longer and do not always have to have your goods delivered yesterday, you will still be satisfied with reliable service and a good product in the end.

Paint Xtreme – The event giant among paintball shops

However, Paint Xtreme has one thing on it like no other provider in the industry, and that is the event business. Every year from the beginning of the season until December, PX is represented at almost every medium and large paintball event. This isn't just limited to Germany, you can always find a Paint Xtreme booth at the former Milleniumseries, now known as NXL Europe.

If you are a participant in one of the following paintball events, you will usually always find a Paint Xtreme booth there. The size of the stand will be adapted to the scope of the event.

EGB – Euro Big Game (sales and tech service

SBG – Scenario Big Game (Sales & Techservice)

OBS – Operation Black Sky (Tech Service)

While we're on the subject of events, we shouldn't forget the X-Days Paintball Fair . The Paint Xtreme in-house exhibition always takes place on the first weekend in December and means a few more weeks of work at the end of the year.

Click here for Paint Xtreme's paintball online shop – LINK

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