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Outschool tournament paintball in the PB stadium
Thursday November 24, 2022

Outschool tournament paintball in the PB stadium

In 2022 we will continue our Spielfeldcheck series of articles. We visit a field for you in every issue and make a detailed report in which we inform you about the key data of the fields and the special features of the individual systems. Just in time for the winter edition, we are guests this time in one of the few remaining paintball halls. For the current edition, we went far south, to the PbStadion . Since 2016, not far from Heilbronn, you can train in any weather on a tournament-sized SupAir field or just play paintball just for fun.

Weekend is paintball time. Only ten minutes away from the motorway we reach the paintball facility in Neudenau-Siglingen. On the street, a player figure shows us the way to the entrance. After about 200m we see a large graffiti with a fair play sign, the entrance must be here. As is often the case in autumn, the weather is a bit damp. So we are happy to be in a hall this time. At the entrance, the boss personally welcomes us. Denis Schmidt has been active in the paintball field for over 20 years. He started his paintball career as the operator of the online shop www.Paintball-Kiosk.de. But it was always his dream to run his own paintball field . Denis has made countless attempts over the years to convert suitable areas in the Heilbronn area into a paintball field. Unfortunately, the communities always had other things in mind and so it lasted until 2015. Then a friend of mine finally called and suggested a suitable commercial building. The joy was huge and after the first viewing appointment and further discussions, the whole project took shape. The hall conversion was a lengthy process. Old equipment had to be removed, new walls put up and a lot of things renovated and refurbished. Several thousand meters of cable were laid for the lighting. Many friends, team members and players from friendly teams helped, all of whom could hardly wait to finally have a training field nearby. Every Saturday there was a work assignment, with up to 20 helpers at the start. Through word-of-mouth propaganda, more and more people were added in many departments, which made the work easier and also a lot of fun.

“In December 2016 the time had finally come and the day of the opening came. Thanks go to our site manager Andre. Without his guidance, drive to work and love for wood and detail, it probably wouldn't have been so perfect". Tell us Denis. “Of course I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the other helpers once again. Listing the names here would probably go beyond the scope,” he adds. We now enter the hall. In the entrance area, you are greeted in a friendly manner at the large counter and register directly to play. The days of paper and pen are long gone here too. All data is stored digitally and each player receives their own membership card at no additional cost. This can then also be kept and is valid indefinitely. A great feature that you don't find too often on paintball facilities.

After registration, go to the changing rooms. Compared to many other playing fields, these are really great and, above all, clean: lockers, toilets, showers, everything is there and even for women and men. Also not a matter of course in paintball, but in the PB stadium it is part of the standard that Denis and his team exemplify day after day. After changing to play, it's back to the bar. There, the boss usually explains personally to each group what to look out for and how the game is played. Some people like to stand next to it and smile, because Denis really rattles down the text like a machine and there are also a few jokes. We don't want to miss out on having fun and that's how you feel much more comfortable as a visitor. Then it's off to the player lounge. Adjust the mask, grab the marker and off to the air station for instruction. Then it's off to the field. The playing field is located in an old industrial hall. You can also see that in the remains of the previous use, which are distributed here and there in the hall. One or the other sign and an old extraction system give the hall its own style. The PB stadium is also one of the few indoor fields that is perfectly suited for training, because the original tournament field size of 45x36m is given here. The DPL also has the location in its portfolio and many German teams from the south and even from Switzerland regularly come to play and train in winter.

After a round of gambling, we allow ourselves a little break. At the counter in the entrance area there are soft drinks and a really good coffee for a small price. A foosball table for the waiting time and breaks is also available and is very popular with our group. Furthermore, an air conditioning system was installed before last winter, which keeps the entrance area warm in winter. So no one has to freeze here during the breaks in the game, and on the pitch you get warm all by yourself. The newly installed windows also keep what they promised. Now the ceiling in the entrance area is to be taken down this winter. So that you can warm up after gambling even on an icy winter's day. "The entire facility is constantly being modernized and kept in good condition," Denis tells us. "A modern standard and satisfied visitors are particularly important to us."

Next to the counter, the sales area starts, which makes many paintballers' hearts beat faster. Some of Dye's display cases contain the boss's private collection. We see quite a few old treasures. Including an Autococker, a DM3 and a DM4. A real little paintball museum. If you go further back into the actual sales area, where you will find the largest selection of markers, hoppers and other accessories in all of Baden-Württemberg, the joy is even greater. Every visitor gets top advice from experienced players and can of course also immediately test the equipment on the field. So if you are looking for new paintball equipment, you have two reasons to stop by on site. After our break, it's off to the next round in the players' area. There are enough tables and benches. In addition, glass cleaners and ZEWA are available to wipe the mask briefly during the breaks to regain a clear view. Even if you forgot to fill up your air for the marker on the edge of the field, you can still catch up in the player area during the break. A second air station with 2x200Bar and 2x300Bar each is also available here. Everything is designed to the highest tournament standard, that's nice to see.

Back on the field, the buzzer system catches our eye. "It was designed together with the commercial vocational school." Denis explains to us when we ask him about it. "In class, the students built a miniature system which was then implemented in the Pb Stadium. After that, the vocational school students were allowed to come by and put their self-designed facility through its paces again.” Since the options on a pitch are limited, a buzzer was set up in the middle of the pitch afterwards. This is used as an alternative – then it is called CenterFlag. This buzzer is particularly popular between Christmas and New Year's Eve. Because then the glow stick tournament takes place. In a 5 vs. 5 format, players are drawn for their team. Then all covers and players are equipped with glow sticks and then the lights go out. The aim is to be the first to reach the buzzer in the middle in the dark. Of course also here without being hit. As soon as the buzzer sounds, the lights come on again. The first team to earn two points wins the game. It takes a lot of courage to step up to the buzzer, but it's also a lot of fun and a great way to end the year.

Before Corona there was also a winter cup in the PbStadion. Unfortunately, the 3rd matchday 2020 had to be canceled and since then there have been a few trophies behind the counter. Denis tells us that a new attempt should be started in 2023. This then goes over three match days from January to the end of March and is great preparation for the coming season. The PB Stadium also focuses on youth work. Kids training is every second Saturday of the month. In cooperation with the house team Chaos Division Stuttgart, a child-friendly youth training takes place here under supervision. The highlight of 2022 was the training trip to the Battlefield in Hildesheim to clash with the local team, the Little Knights. The whole thing is supported by the PbStadion, which makes the space available free of charge. Equipment is provided by Chaos Division. The only costs for the kids and their parents are for the paintballs.

Kids paintball is generally possible in the PbStadion from the age of 10 with the consent of the parents. This is also often used by the neighboring communities for the holiday program. At the end of our visit we go outside. There is a terrace right next to the car park where you can grill free of charge in summer (and if you want to in winter too), if you register in advance. “This terrace will also be renovated soon.” Denis promises us. “By the summer of next year, a beach-style graffiti will decorate the walls. From here you have a great view of the outdoor area. A paintball field was actually planned here. But since the commercial area is in the middle of town and you want to keep the peace with your neighbors, a new plan has now been drawn up. Approval is currently awaited. But if everything goes smoothly, Bubble Ball, Arrow Tag and Yellow Blaster can be played on 2 soccer fields from summer 2023. There is also another plan for a small airsoft and outdoor laser tag field. However, we cannot yet say when this will be the case.” Denis continues to explain his plans for the future.

Finally, we chat a little with Denis about the other dates and activities and learn that there is a fun game day in the Pb Stadium. The 1st Saturday of each month is for all players who have a marker but cannot get a group together. All kinds of players can be found here. Whether it's leisure, woodland or a tournament, everyone gets their money's worth and the best thing is that the paint is sold cheaper on this day. We think it's a great thing for the community, because open game days bring people together on the field and ensure that new groups and teams are formed. An investment in the future of sport. But not only tournament players are welcome here. The system is also aimed particularly at hobby and leisure players from the region who would like to experience the adventure of paintball for themselves. In addition, the PbStadion team, in cooperation with other partners, offers various packages that can be booked together. Here you can go quad biking & paintball, canoeing & paintball or Segway riding & paintball. Company celebrations and bachelor parties are also often booked. As you can see, the PBStadion is more than an ordinary paintball facility. Almost anything seems possible in this place. Hence our tip for all adventure seekers from the region: Come by and try it out for yourself. In any case, we were very impressed by the possibilities on site and can recommend the playing field with a clear conscience. A little tip: If you come to the field and say the password "Paintball Magazin" , there is a coffee on the house. Until the next field test, your team from Paintballsports Magazin.

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