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Ninja Air – Paintball HP Systems & Regulators
Tuesday January 17, 2017

The HP system and the associated regulator are probably the most stressed parts of your paintball equipment . No other components are exposed to such high material loads. For this very reason, it is particularly important that attention is paid to maximum material quality and clean processing during production.


Ninja Air is one of the few paintbal manufacturers that manufacture exclusively in the USA, even before Trump. No other manufacturer has turned the paintball market upside down and revolutionized the paintball HP regulators in recent years like Ninja Air. At the same time, hardly any other manufacturer is as consistent in terms of quality and workmanship in its products as the company based near Chicago. Real innovation still happens here.

Ninja Air products

Another point in which Ninja Air is ahead of almost all other providers is the large selection of products. No other manufacturer offers such a large selection of colors and sizes for its paintball air systems . Another reason for the high level of customer satisfaction with Ninja Air products.

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