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Next generation paintball sniper rifle
Monday April 29, 2019

The Dynamic Sports Gear PSR-14 Paintball Sniper Rifle

Due to the current situation, we would like to share some interesting news with you about what appears to be a new project from the Dynamic Sports Gear brand. It seems that a real-action sniper rifle is currently being worked on under the title PSR-14 . The first published photo shows a mixture of animated images and real attachments. Unfortunately, we cannot give a definitive answer at this point as to whether this is just an early stage of the idea or whether the weapon is actually being worked on.

What is the new DSG Paintball Sniper all about?

Unfortunately, not too much is known at the moment. But what you can see from the photo is that the company Dynamic Sports Gear seems to be working on a paintball sniper rifle with a very realistic look. The model is said to be called PSR-14 and seems to be based on real sniper rifles in terms of design.

How exactly the rifle works or where the air connection for the bottle is located is not known at this point in time.

In any case, we will continue to follow the project for you and keep you up to date on everything here in the news blog.

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