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More about paintball ammunition – paintballs from Empire
Tuesday September 12, 2017

Empire offers a huge selection of paintball ammunition

Many players who have been loyal to the sport for a long time know the Empire brand, perhaps under the RPS label. The most famous brands from this period are RPS Marballizer and RPS Heat. Both brands were popular with tournament players for league and training and were characterized by their excellent workmanship.

As so often in the history of paintball sports and its traditional companies, the RPS brand was also sold at some point. In this case, the buyer was the company KEE Actionsports in England. This revived the popular paint types from RPS under the Empire label and brought them back to the top of the market. In 2016, however, KEE was also sold and swallowed up by the top dog GI Sportz. Since then, the crates still have Empire on them, but they contain paint balls from the Procaps factory, which can also be found in the GI Sportz and Draxxus crates, for example.

The Empire brand and its different types of paintball ammunition

Anyone who likes to use a large selection of different quality levels for color balls will definitely find what they are looking for with this brand. Hardly any other paintball brand offers as much choice as Empire. From the very inexpensive field ball for training games and paintball newcomers to the top-class tournament ball, everything that a player needs is really included in the range. Below we have listed the individual varieties and compiled brief information on the individual products.

The training paintballs from Empire – good, cheap and suitable for everyone

There are several varieties in this area, these are called Hotbox, Heat and in Winter Blizzard. All are equally suitable for hobby and leisure players as well as for training. They differ in the hardness of the shell, the thickness of the filling and a little in the way they fly. The price difference is small in the area of training paintballs, but for a few euros more you get a slightly better performance. Buy recommendation from us: Do not always take the cheapest product, but rather spend 3-5 euros more for a good box of paintballs, then you can have fun with it all day long. heat_training_empire_paintballs

Paintball balls with a premium character

The brands Empire Formula 13 and Empire Premium form the middle class range of Empire paintballs, the so-called premium segment. Premium paintballs are made from 100% PEG material and are therefore particularly environmentally friendly. The shell is firm but breaks well on the opponent, making it very comfortable for everyone involved. As a shooter you have nice, full hits and as an opponent these balls don't hurt that much on impact. The filling is viscous, clearly visible and yet easy to wash out. If you only play 1-2 times a month and would rather pay a little more money for quality than quantity, you should stock up on this paint. Fun is guaranteed here.

There is also premium paintball ammunition for the winter. This is called Empire Polar Ice and has been one of the best paintballs for the cold season for years. paintballs_empire_marballizer

Empire Tournament Paintballs – Marballizer & Evil

Hardly any other paint has been so popular in recent years and at the same time as loved as the RPS / Empire Evil . This paint has by far the thickest filling on the market and is very difficult to wipe off. Anyone who has ever had the battlepack shot up with a volley of these paint balls as a player knows that the next encounter after the 2-minute break can usually only be contested with replacement equipment, since cleaning takes too much time. In addition, there is excellent flight behavior that enables precise hits even at great distances and a shell that cracks just by looking at it. Empire Evil Paintballs are a guarantee for kills right at the breakout. The related Marballizer paintballs are characterized by an even thicker filling, which makes the paint more stable. Unlike many other varieties, Empire has not simply made the shell more stable to make its paintballs playable in colder temperatures, but has thickened the filling and thus used it practically as a stabilizer. You can recognize Empire Marballizer paintballs particularly well by the striking yellow-green swirl design of the shell.

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