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Milsig M17 SMG – The new MagFed marker
Friday July 15, 2016

The function and workmanship is generally very good with Milsig markers. The M17 also impresses with many metal parts and a particularly good feel. Many functions of original weapons have been adopted and integrated here. If you are looking for the ultimate realism, you will certainly find it here. Unfortunately also with the weight. Milsig_SMG_M17


The features of the Milsig M17 SMG not only include a nineteen centimeter long smooth barrel, it also has a compact MAGPUL-style flip-up metal RIS sight. In addition, the marker comes with two 9-round magazines including a coupler. Due to the Air-Through-Remote push shaft, the Milsig M17 SMG can also be operated with a standard HP bottle with a capacity of 0.2 liters if required.

The weight and length of the paintball marker are identical to the CQC and CQB, making the Milsig SMG not only very short. The Milsig Real-Action marker is extremely compact. Another plus is that it is quick and easy to disassemble. Furthermore, the Milsig M17 SMG is extremely insensitive to errors, which also makes the marker interesting for beginners in the scenario/magfed game.


The body of the M17 SMG is made of steel coated with polymer. For this reason, the paintball marker is extremely robust and easily withstands even the toughest jobs. The magazines can be played with regular paintballs and First Strike ammo alike. Another extra is the AR15 handle, which can also be replaced if necessary, which allows the marker to be personalized in an unprecedented way. In short, the M17 SMG has all the features you would expect from Milsig markers. Starting with the Ddura plating finish, which ensures the paintball marker has a long service life, as do the steel brackets.

A remote system is required for the alternative air supply of the Milsig M17 SMG, which in turn must be connected to an adjustable MP-5 stick. The connection is located in the shoulder rest.


The weight of the Milsig M17 SMG is 2.6 kg. The marker has a length of 67 cm with an extended stock. When the buttstock is retracted, the Milsig M17 SMG is only 49 centimeters long. With MODS and editing, TCR & TiPX magazines are also possible. In Germany, the Milsig M17 SMG can only be bought in the F version Semi Auto. The scope of delivery includes a barrel plug, as well as an air-through remote shaft, a polymer flip UP visor, a bottle of MILSIG OIL, a set of replacement seals, an Allen key set and a user manual. Here you can buy the Milsig M17 SMG.

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