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Meet the Teams – The Interview with Kansas Killzone Hemmoor
Monday January 17, 2022


Also in 2022 we have a new series of articles for you in the issue. This time we are dealing with some of the most famous and traditional German paintball teams of recent years. We introduce you to the team and its players, their career and sporting successes. The boys from Kansas Killzone Hemmoor from the far north make the start in this issue.

Team Kansas Killzone Hemmoor was formed in 2014 from a merger of Teams Helpless and Likedeeler. Due to the merger of both teams, a new name was needed and so it was decided to found an offshoot in the far north under the Kansas Killzone label held by 2Die4 Sports boss Stefan Maiwald. Incidentally, the actual team name Kansas Killzone came from the pen of DPL veteran and former Frankfurt Syndicate and Breakout Spa player Erik Wunsch. He and the Killzone guys had talked about the possibility of working together under the Killzone label some time before at one of the first CPS events together and so it was the logical next step for the then young team. Kanza's Killzone Hemmoor has been in the DPL for seven years now and has steadily worked his way up the ranks. The team is currently in second place in the DPL 2nd Bundesliga. Quite an achievement considering some of the players have been with us since day one. This shows that with a lot of diligence and training you can get to the top. By the way, in the meantime there were four Kansas Killzone teams in Germany. At that time they were called the Kansas Killzone Chapter and were divided into the regions of Hemmoor, Bremen, Gifhorn and southern Germany. The idea behind it was to form a strong community by merging as many teams as possible under one flag and, of course, to be able to appear as one in the league and in sponsor negotiations. Unfortunately, with the gradual decline of tournament sport, which has been going on since 2016, the downturn also hit Kansas Killzone Hemmoor and the first chapters broke up. Today there is only one Kansas Killzone team, which is provided by the guys from Hemmoor. But this team is currently the most successful. We spoke to team owner Mike Charles about his team and wanted to know how long the team has actually existed in its current configuration.

Mike: “You can never say exactly with us. Players come to us primarily because they are cool dudes. It is important to us that the people in the team understand each other and have fun together. At half time, for example, two new players are added. Of course, every year players leave and leave the team. Life just gets in the way. With work or family, people eventually have other commitments that unfortunately leave no time for paintball. To answer your question, the boys are playing for the first time in the current constellation.” “In 2019 we made the last major change. Back then we merged again with the Dwerkaten Aguafiestas team. Not only were we able to add a few very good players to the team, but also one of the best coaches in the league in Jens Hilbands, whom most people probably know by his nickname SUMO. Sumo has been playing paintball since 2005, although these days it's mostly seen on the sidelines. As a coach, he led his Aguafiestas from the Landesliga all the way up to the 2nd Bundesliga. He's also a really cool guy!” By the way, anyone who thinks that paintball is only for young people should be told at this point that Mike is already 47 years old. He is married, has two dogs and a normal job. Nevertheless, since 2009 he has been on the road with his team almost every weekend of the season and supports the players wherever he can. As a so-called team manager, he makes sure that his players can fully concentrate on the game. He takes care of the formalities related to the DPL registration, orders paint and equipment for the match days, negotiates with the sponsors and is always available as a contact person for the players.

PBS: Mike, it's currently winter break. What are you currently missing the most, now that paintball hasn't been played for several months?

Mike: Actually, this wouldn't really be a break for us. In the winter we used to train a lot indoors to stay fit for the coming year. Unfortunately, almost all halls in the north have closed in recent years. I especially miss that smell that only a paintball hall can have in winter. All players know it. You walk into a paintball hall in winter and you can already smell it in the entrance: it's about to start!” But now we also want to introduce the guys under the masks or behind the markers. Here comes Team Kansas Killzone Hemmoor.

PBS: Mike, please tell us about the current season and your team's future plans. Which leagues and tournaments are you playing as a team in the current season?

Mike: "In the current season, the team is playing the 2nd Bundesliga of the DPL to the end and a few fun tournaments here and there."

PBS: What are your plans for the 2022 season?

Mike: “In 2022, the kill zone will turn its back on the DPL. Too much that doesn't suit us at the moment and robs the fun of our beloved sport a little. We don't know if it's better somewhere else, but we need a moment's distance. So we will take a look at the NXL and play one or the other event there. You will certainly see us at several fun cups and tournaments in different constellations. Finally, participation in the ICS is planned. So the appointment calendar for the coming year is already well filled, of course, assuming the virus allows all that.”

PBS: We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to Mike and his team for being available to us for this article and of course we wish them a lot of fun and of course success for the second half of next season. May you remain in the paintball tournament circuit for many years to come!

In the next issue we will introduce you to another German tournament team. Stay tuned and look forward to the next issue, which will appear in early April.

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