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Maxtact 360 Degree HP Regulator – Optimal for MagFed Paintball
Wednesday November 21, 2018

360 degrees of pure freedom – only the new Maxtact HP regulator can offer that!

The Maxtact company is known to many from the MagFed Paintball area. There they build the paintball marker models TGROne and TGR2, which are very popular with many players.

Since some of the Maxtact paintball markers can only be played with a remote system , the manufacturer has now come up with its own regulator with special 360 degree features for more flexibility in marker handling.

Unlike most regulators with an adjustable threaded head, the Maxtact model was not designed for the classic tournament player who would like to adjust the position of the pressure gauge and filling nipple to suit his needs. In this case, the purpose of the 360 degree function is to give you more flexibility and freedom of movement when using a paintball remote system .

In the past, the air hoses were rigidly screwed onto the paintball HP regulator and the hose then usually ran in a given direction towards the marker. Thanks to the flexible 360 degree solution from Maxtact, you can now rotate the remote system at any time and in all directions. This greatly simplifies marker handling during maintenance work, changing hands or using the backup weapon.

High-quality technology at a fair price – Maxtact stands for quality.

Anyone who already knows the TGR2 paintball marker series and other products from Maxtact knows that this brand stands for high quality across the board.

The same was implemented again with the Maxtact 360 degree regulator , so it is not surprising that this is probably one of the best and highest quality regulators on the market. This has its price, but in the end it pays off on the field with error-free work and functionality that simply ensures a lot of fun.

Maxtact – Paintball Equipment Made in Taiwan!

What probably very few know, the Maxtact brand comes from Taiwan . Now many will think: " Taiwan?! – So China garbage “. But that is by no means the case. China and Taiwan are worlds apart in terms of quality, workmanship and product design.

The Maxtact TGR2 marker series, for example, was originally developed for training missions by the Taiwanese military, and the gentlemen there have the highest demands and are not exactly squeamish with the equipment. But here, too, Maxtact was able to prove itself with its products and is even ahead of competitors such as RAP4 / Modern Combat Sports and the well-known brand Fist Strike / Tiberius Arms from the USA in terms of quality and durability . – Even if you have to admit that First Strike has made a big step forward in terms of quality in recent years and can now compete with the products of the Maxtact brand in terms of quality and reliability.

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