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Matchballz – 3 Man Rookie Cup Tournament
Friday July 15, 2016

Nothing stands in the way of an exciting Pentecost

Matchballz is hosting a paintball tournament this year specifically for Gotcha beginners. The tournament is played in 3-man groups and is intended to offer smaller teams and paintball beginners the opportunity to gain their first tournament experience.

3-man Rookie Cup Tournament – the details

Participation in the tournament costs EUR 149 per team. Each team will receive a box of paintballs for free. The paints can be freely selected on site.

Early Bird Ticket – pay a reduced entry fee

There's a reason the saying goes, only the early bird catches the worm. Be the early bird, if you register your team by the end of April and pay right away, the entry fee will be reduced by twenty euros.

3-Man Rookie Cup Tournament – The Game Format

A 3-man single round robin is planned, through which we guarantee the participating games at least nine games. However, the organizing paintball hall reserves the right to adjust the tournament format according to the participating teams. From fourteen teams it is planned that DRR will be played in two groups with a preliminary round and the final round, so that each team can take part in the corresponding number of games.

We require at least ten teams to participate. Furthermore, we have limited the number of participants to a maximum of twenty teams. The set of rules is based on Mile, and there will also be a DPL mode and professional marshalling. In addition, we surprise the participants with a surprise layout.

Anyone who would like to take part in this tournament can register by email at [email protected] or on site directly in the hall. Just ask for Mike. If you have any questions, you can also contact Matchballz at 0174/5276708.

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