Empire paintball markers

Empire Paintball has been in the paintball equipment market for decades. Today Empire is one of the leading manufacturers of paintball markers, paintball packs, paintball masks , protective clothing and air tanks. Of course, Empire's range of goods also includes loaders and paintball masks. The manufacturer of paintball equipment has evolved significantly over the years. Not only has the technology of the paintball markers been significantly improved, but also in terms of paintball protective clothing, from paintball masks to breastplates, a lot has happened. The paintball protective clothing from Empire is not only stylish, but also guarantees appropriate protection and, above all, impresses with its durability.

The Empire Invert Mini GS

A reliable paintball marker at an affordable price

The Empire Invert Mini was the basis for the development of the Invert Mini GS. The basic equipment is the same, except that the Invert Mini GS has been upgraded with a few features. The front handle of the Mini GS is rubberized for better handling. In addition, the rubberized grip protects the battery and the board from paint and dirt. In addition, the ASA was reduced in size and equipped with a standard ON/OFF. In short, the Invert Mini GS is definitely a successful update.

The sniper pump action

Unique among Empire paintball markers

The Empire Sniper Pump Action Marker is unique among the paintball weapons of this label. Only high-quality materials were used for the production of this paintball weapon to create a sniper that is hard to beat in terms of quality. This Empire marker is very similar in design to the established Autococker. Therefore, the Sniper Pumpaction also has an auto-trigger, which enables impressively fast rates of fire.


A very resilient marker

The Empire AX paintball marker is also a successor to the Invert Mini. But the Empire AX is much bigger, snappier and of course much better than its predecessor. Above all, the technology has been significantly beefed up. The trigger guard was enlarged and the ASA regulator got a standard ON/OFF. Thanks to the well thought-out push-button system, the bolt can be released quickly and easily. Without the tool for it is necessary. The electronics have also been changed so that this paintball marker is much more powerful.

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