Taginn 40mm paintball and airsoft grenades for tactical games

Taginn is a well-known manufacturer of tactical paintball and airsoft grenades for use in military simulations, tactical games and training sessions. Specially designed for use in 40mm launcher systems, these grenades offer excellent performance and a realistic gaming experience.

The different types of Taginn 40mm grenades

Taginn offers a wide range of grenades for paintball and airsoft players, suitable for different purposes and scenarios. Here are some of the most popular types:

  • Taginn REAPER: This grenade is a fragmentation grenade and is ideal for use in open fields or forests. It detonates in mid-air, creating a cloud of Bio BB fragments that hit all nearby players.

  • Taginn VELUM: This grenade is a smoke grenade and is often used for tactical purposes. It creates a dense cloud of smoke that limits visibility and allows players to move or seek cover unnoticed.

  • Taginn FATE: This grenade is a multi-purpose grenade and is excellent for use indoors or in tight areas. It creates a loud explosion and powerful blast that can affect nearby players.

Why should you use Taginn 40mm grenades?

Taginn grenades are known for their excellent quality, performance and reliability. They offer a realistic gaming experience and are ideal for use in military simulations and tactical games. Using Taginn grenades can also help improve players' tactical thinking and strategic skills.

Because Taginn grenades are designed for use in 40mm launcher systems, they are easy to use and require no complicated setup. They are also reusable and can be filled with different types of BBs or powder to create different effects.

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