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MagFed – The new trend in paintball sports
Thursday February 28, 2019

Everything about MAGFED Paintball

Many of you will have heard the term MagFed Paintball in recent years. For all those who are not yet familiar with the topic but would like to know more, we would like to report on this new trend in the paintball industry today.

Where does MagFed Paintball actually come from?

Companies like RAP4 (today MCSU) and Tiberius Arms (today First Strike) started MagFed Paintball. They were among the first to offer paintball markers that were exclusively magazine-loaded. The marker models, which were initially quite clumsy and simple, soon gave way to more modern versions that were not only visually convincing and always looked more real, but were also excellently worked out in terms of function and performance.

With the advent of special ammunition, such as the so-called First Strike Paintballs, the MagFed paintball trend finally started. By using First Strike paintballs, the shooter can hit their target at approximately twice the distance that would previously have been possible with a normal paintball. Of course, these long-range shooters aim a little more precisely, but usually only need one or two shots to mark their target. The so-called "sniper" became more and more popular among the players and the magazine-loaded markers became more and more popular. The high level of precision also significantly reduced ammunition consumption. This was good because First Strike Paintballs are anything but cheap.

As the group of MagFed paintballers grew, the first teams established themselves that only used paintball markers loaded with magazines. The first so-called MagFed paintball teams were born. Gradually, more teams came together. The MagFed scene is a tight-knit community. The teams know each other, but also attach great importance to their independence as a team and their professional appearance. The equipment of a top-class MagFed team consists of items costing thousands of euros. From real ballistic vests to tactical helmets and night vision devices, almost everything can be found in a MagFed player's equipment bag. At this point, MagFed players are more like airsoft players than regular paintballers.

The growing number of players and teams inevitably led to the first tournaments and events being held. The currently largest and most prominent event is the so-called OBS (Operation Black Sky) . Here, several hundred players come onto the scene for each event. The series is so popular that the dates are usually fully booked after just a few days.

What makes MagFed Paintball so special?

In short, it's just something completely different than regular paintball. The people are more motivated, it's more physically demanding, it's more tactical, because there's not so much shooting, but more targeted. In addition, it is practically a real-live version of popular computer games such as Counter Strike, Battlefield or Call of Duty and thus, with MagFed, paintball sport is accessible to a much larger group of players and interested parties than any other facet of the sport.

What are the best paintball marker models for MagFed Paintball?

The market leader here is clearly the First Strike T15 . The mere fact that First Strike not only makes a really good marker, but is also the manufacturer of the world's only high-speed precision paintballs (First Strike Paintballs), means that almost no one can avoid this brand in MagFed Sport.

However, there are definitely alternatives of the same quality that are even significantly cheaper.

With its M17 and the new M5 Magnus, Milsig provides two very interesting models that are already available for less than 300 euros. Another top manufacturer in terms of quality and service in the MagFed area is the Maxtact brand. There is probably the largest selection of models here. Among other things, the popular variants such as the G36 or sniper rifles.

We hope you enjoyed our little introduction to the MagFed paintball sport. If you have any questions, please write to us or visit us in the shop. There we also have a lot of MagFed paintball products for you to touch and take with you.

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