LA Infamous Silencio FL Barrel / Barrel Tip (14.5")

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Product description

Infamous Silencio FL Barrel / Barrel Tip (14.5")

The linear "Silencio port" was developed to meet the needs of professional gamers. Loudness, reliability, accuracy and protection against liquid ingress.

The Silencio Tips use elongated slots instead of round holes, resulting in smoother airflow and less noise.

Each time the paintball passes through one of the vents, the pressure relief changes abruptly. Any change in pressure causes the ball to move slightly. The Silencio Tips drastically reduce the pressure changes. And because the slots are elongated, the pressure drop is closer to a linear function. The ball exits the barrel with fewer abrupt pressure changes and a smoother airflow, improving ball precision.

The linear Silencio openings are 1/3 the width of standard porting holes. This width was chosen for a specific reason. Whenever there is water or paint on the barrel, it gets caught in the opening and the surface tension of the liquid keeps it there, preventing it from dripping down the barrel. The pressure wave from the next shot causes the liquid to fly away.


- Compatible with Planet Eclipse™ Shaft FL Barrel Inserts

- Assembled Length: 14.5" (Tip + Back)

- As the name suggests, Silencio is extremely quiet

- Liquid resistant

- Consistent precision accuracy

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