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JT Paintball – The JT Spectra Premise thermal mask
Friday July 15, 2016

With the Spectra Premise, JT has created an affordable entry-level model that has a number of extras to offer. The mask comes with two lenses as standard. One is a simple single glass, while the other is a reliable JT Spectra Thermal mask glass. Ideal for regular players, because thanks to the thermal glass, the JT Premise paintball mask does not fog up so quickly. Not even if the paintballer breaks a sweat.


Despite the fact that the JT Spectra Premise has been specially developed for beginners, the paintball mask offers maximum safety. What is clearly demonstrated above all by the robust design of the paintball mask. It is not for nothing that rental companies in particular like to buy this paintball mask. A high degree of benefit at a low price, there is no better way to describe the JT Spectra Premise. If the mask glass needs to be replaced, you can retrofit the mask at any time with all JT-Spectra thermal glasses, even glasses in mirrored colors. Changing the glass is also completely uncomplicated thanks to the quick-change system. It's just a pity that you can only buy this paintball mask in three different colors. Here you can buy the JT Spectra

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