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Jimmy's Paintball Shop in Hildesheim
Monday December 10, 2018

Battlefields Hildesheim & the Jimmys Paintball Shop

The playing field of Jim / Jimmy's in Hildesheim should actually be known to most paintballers from the Hanover region and the rest of Lower Saxony. The facility, which opened in 2017 and is growing very quickly, is one of the most modern and largest in Germany.

Since November 2018 there has also been a paintball shop on site. The Jimmy's Paintball Shop in Hildesheim .

Jimmy's paintball online shop

After the successful start of the local Field Store at the Battlefields Paintball field in Hildesheim , the Jimmys Paintball online shop was launched just a few weeks later. With that, Jim & Jimmys continued to offer paintball and will definitely expand and retain its position as the top dog in the Hildesheim area.

The offer of the online shop is currently still quite manageable, since it is still new. From paintball markers and clothing to hoppers, air systems and paintball balls, you can already find everything you need as a paintball player. The experienced players on site who run the shop will certainly expand the offer.

If you still can't find what you're looking for in Jimmy's paintball shop , you can of course visit the Paintball Sports Store at any time or order in our online shop .

Battlefields Hildesheim continues to expand…

Of course we were also there for the opening and picked up some background information for you. According to Managing Director Roland Marhauer, the Battlefields Hildesheim project is far from over. For 2019, the expansion of the playing fields by a further 25,000 square meters is planned. For this purpose, a large part of the old landfill on which the paintball facility is located will be removed at ground level and made into new building land for more paintball fields .

We are curious to see how much the facility will expand in the coming year and what new, exciting topics we can expect. As soon as there is new information from Jimmys Paintball from Hildesheim, you will of course be the first to know.

Shop now at Jimmys Paintball Onlineshop – LINK

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