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How do I find the right paintball team?
Monday May 30, 2016

Most paintball players will quickly find a team that you can start with right away. Paintballers are a tight-knit community and you get to know new players very quickly, even entire teams. But some beginners find it difficult to find the right connection. We show you how to do it.

Check out a paintball field near you!

Drive to a paintball field near you, especially if you haven't played paintball before. Paintball players are usually happy to help, especially beginners.

Get in touch with the pitch operator!

Especially when you visit the paintball field, it is of course also possible that no teams are currently training. Just ask the operator of the paintball field, maybe you're lucky and he has the appropriate contacts or can put you in touch so that you can quickly find a paintball team.

Have a look on the internet!

If the pitch operator is unable to put you in touch, you can of course also search the web for a team. Especially if you don't like what's on offer locally. If you have found a team that is interesting for you, simply write to the boys and/or girls. Contact is usually established very quickly via PM via Facebook or by email.

Visiting other paintball fields is worthwhile

If you can't find what you're looking for on the web either, you can look for a few paintball fields in your area. Maybe you will find the team that suits you in other fields. There, chat with the staff, other players, or the paintball field attendant.

I found a paintball team, now what?

Once you have finally found the team that suits you, you will usually first receive an invitation to the first training session together. Here you can show how you play and get to know the other team members. Don't worry if your skills aren't great, it doesn't really matter at first because the other team members know you're a beginner.

Training alone is not enough for others to judge how you really play. Your team will initially give you a probationary period because they want to see if you improve your game and, above all, if you really come to training regularly. As long as you don't completely misbehave, the probationary period shouldn't be a problem. Just use the time to look closely at people so you can judge if you're really a good fit.

Get clear about your goals!

When looking for a paintball team, you should be clear about the goals from the start. Do you want to play in the league or are you more interested in Woodland, Scenario or MagFed.

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