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Honorcore TGR2 MK2 EGLM
Friday July 15, 2016

The Heavy Gun of the Year. Attention MagFed players, and not just in terms of weight! The TGR 2 MK2 with EGLM grenade launcher.

ATTENTION: In order to install the EGLM as shown in the picture, a lot of modification to the trigger unit of the EGLM is required. The complete shaft for the magazine must be adapted to the TGR magazine. In addition, the rail bracket of the TGR must be processed. Not everyone has it! That'll make you stand out. In addition, the marker is a TGR 1.

The grenade cartridges are filled with green gas. They must be purchased separately as they are not included in the scope of delivery. Die-hard woodland players will love the paintball gun, as will die-hard scenario players.

Maxtact TGR2 Heavy Gun incl. grenade launcher – the features

The semi-automatic paintball marker has a 12 inch standard barrel, which is equipped with an exchangeable muzzle brake. In addition, the marker is equipped with an air stick system as standard. The marker is operated with a 0.2 liter 200 bar HP bottle. With one filling you can fire about 140-160 rounds.

The high quality of the robust full-jacket housing of the Maxtact TGR2 is underlined by the stable ABS plastic grip frame. Furthermore, the weapon has a new version of the rear sight and grain sighting device. This is also made entirely of solid metal. Another feature of the Maxtact TGR 2 is the 10" aluminum front shroud barrel. Which is supplemented by 4×20 mm Picatinnyrails. It is also advantageous that normal paintballs can be played with the Maxtact TGR2 in the same way as First Strike ammunition. You are interested in the paintball marker, here you can buy the Honorcore TGR2 Heavy Gun including grenade launcher .

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