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HK Army Diggerz_X1 Cleats – The new paintball tournament shoe
Saturday November 2, 2019

HK Army Diggerz X1 – The unrivaled inexpensive paintball shoe

Paintball tournament shoes are a thing in themselves. Hardly any manufacturer has been able to make a name for itself in this product area, let alone survive in the long term. The simple reason is the really high loads that the shoes are exposed to in paintball. Not only the normal play belly wear on the material, but also the external weather conditions such as mud, rain or strong sunlight. Last but not least, the biggest enemy of paintball shoes is the paintball, or the paint it contains with its chemical components. Sooner or later, the mixture of water and paint that is on the tournament fields will also dissolve the best paintball shoe into its components.

Since no manufacturer has yet developed a permanently durable paintball shoe, we usually give the lifespan of a pair as 1 season . But if you can only play the shoes for one year in the end, then at least the price has to be right. HK has always hit the mark here. The world-famous predecessor model, the HK Army Shredder Cleats paintball shoes, have been very popular on the market for over 4 years and are worn by numerous players.

However, after new shoe designs from football and rugby sports had come to the fore among US professionals in recent years, HK Army picked up on this trend and designed its new Diggerz_X1 paintball shoe based on these models.

The result is a paintball shoe that not only looks extremely cool, but also guarantees maximum performance.

The new HK Army paintball shoe offers all this…

The entire shoe was practically rebuilt from scratch and adapted to the special needs of paintball sports. The new design extends over the ankles and stabilizes the ankle during movement. This is particularly necessary on the sometimes very uneven ground of the tournament fields. With previous shoes, it was easy to twist your ankle. – This problem is now a thing of the past. In other words, there is a significantly lower risk of injury .

Maximum traction thanks to a new stud system

HK Army designed its own stud concept for its Diggerz_X1 shoe . The arrangement of the studs is particularly concentrated on the forefoot to guarantee maximum traction and acceleration. Anyone who observes experienced paintball professionals playing will find that they move a lot on the balls of their feet. This is where HK Army placed most of the studs so the player can start running and stop just as quickly.

Maximum joint protection and the best possible flexibility

The balancing act between stiffness in the ankle and flexibility for dynamic movements has been optimally achieved with the HK Army Diggerz_X1 Cleat . The flexible material fits the foot well, supports the natural foot position and still offers enough freedom of movement for 100% freedom of movement in every game situation.

Our first conclusion about the new shoe from HK Army is consistently positive. The part just looks super good and offers everything a paintball shoe needs. The price is also convincing across the board. – We therefore give a clear buy recommendation. For us, the paintball shoe for the coming season!

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