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High-End Paintball Marker – Who is the No. 1
Monday January 16, 2017

Paintball marker manufacturers from all over the world compete year after year for the title of the best marker. The big players in the business are DYE , PLANET ECLIPSE , EMPIRE , SMART PARTS to name just a few. All offer both entry-level models and high-end products for paintball sports. But which paintball marker is actually the best? We have investigated this question and have compiled a few key data for you.

The Smart Parts Shocker RSX – The ultimate lightweight

No other paintball marker in the tournament sector is currently as light as theShocker RSX . Smart Parts has significantly lowered the previous limit for the weight of a high-end paintball marker of around 800 – 900 g and s(c)squats the market with a revolutionary 771 g.


The Shocker RSX is not only an absolute lightweight, but also an absolute bargain. Smart Parts has set the price well below 1000 euros, setting new standards in the sub-1000 euro range. A few cuts had to be made, and so the RSX unfortunately comes without an LPR (Low Pressure Regulator) and the bolt system is not necessarily the most efficient. Nevertheless, the Smart Parts Shocker is certainly one of the best markers in recent years and has earned its place among the best high-end paintball markers.

The Dye M2 – The all-rounder with the best overall package.

It's not for nothing that the Dye M2 adorns the cover of our article. It is currently the measure of all things in the paintball tournament circuit. Dye has been known for years for knowing what players want and for responding to it. Power and performance are basic requirements for these markers. While Dye has often been dismissed as too heavy or unwieldy in recent years, the M2 has made it to the top in one fell swoop and offers ambitious players around the world what is probably the best overall concept on the market. DYE_M2_MOS_Air_JUNGLE


The DYE M2 also received an update at the end of 2016. With the release of the DYE I5 paintball mask, the DYE MOS-AIR-SYSTEM was also released. This system allows the player to link their mask, marker and hopper together and updated game information is fed into the mask via audio signal and thus reaches the player. Unfortunately still without HEADs UP DISPLAY, that will probably take a while. All DYE M2 will be delivered with the MOS-AIR system from 2017. An update for the 2016 M2 is of course also available. We're excited to see what's to come.

Planet Eclipse – There is still manual work here

Planet Eclipse has stood for quality from the British kingdom for years. The markers are all assembled in GB according to PE. This should also be proven by a cuff belonging to the responsible employee, which is glued around the trigger guard. The quality of the markers is top notch. Very fine milling and therefore a very good weight.

The last battleship of Planet Eclipse was the further development of the well-known GEO, which now goes by the name of CS1. No more hose connections and a sophisticated design give it the distinctive look. Slightly more powerful, but unique in handling. Planet Eclipse deliberately avoids flourishes and bling-bling in the design. It's kept simple and efficient. Only what the player really needs on the field. Unfortunately, this quality also has its price. Planet Eclipse paintball markers have not only been among the best you can buy for years, but unfortunately also among the most expensive. But you also get a product that is really worth every penny.


Of course, this was only a small overview, there are numerous other manufacturers on the market. But now you know the paintball marker models that have had the biggest impact in recent years. You want more information about the CS1? Then take a look at the article .

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