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Hannover Showdown is back in the DPL
Tuesday June 4, 2019


Registration has already taken place and the team is firmly registered in the DPL 3rd Bundesliga North/East . The reasons were, among other things, the level of play and the still high performance standards of the team. "We still have fun and want to look for a new sporting challenge as a team," says team captain Achim Klütz in an interview.

The squad is well over 30 years old on average, but that doesn't mean it's a long way from being scrapped. In the 2018 season , Hannover Showdown was able to clearly win the X-Series Challenger as the best team in Germany even without any training – three 1st places and a 3rd place from 4 tournament days speak for themselves.

We wish the boys every success and lots of fun in the upcoming DPL season and of course we hope for a good overall placement.

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