Hammerhead WidowMaker Barrel Single (Without Fin & Muzzlebrake!)

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Product description

Hammerhead Widowmaker precision barrel with moves and fields, individually without fin and muzzle brake!

Single 4.5" precision barrel with grooves and fields. The Widowmaker barrel usually serves as a basic version for short barrels with an individual design. - The later overall length with fin and muzzle brake (not included!) is 8".

With the two threads at the front and rear, you can not only determine the barrel thread for the right marker by attaching the desired fin, but also adjust the diameter of the acceleration section to the paint being played, or even use a Freak Adapter to install a Freak Back with sleeves.

At the front end of the barrel you can then optionally install muzzle brakes, silencers or other barrel pieces (using a Hammerhead link).

ATTENTION , the Hammerhead Widowmaker barrel cannot be mounted individually on paintball markers, you always need a suitable fin to adapt to the barrel thread of the marker. A muzzle brake is also required, this barrel is supplied without a fin and without a muzzle brake.

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