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GI Sportz Paintballs – The US top brand in the test
Wednesday August 16, 2017

GI Sportz – Paintballs Made in Canada

The GI brand, like many others, is made by the manufacturer Procaps in Canada. GI Sportz offers a wide range of different types of paintballs. Starting with the inexpensive field paintball, through various middle class brands, to the high end tournament paint.

Over the past few years, the GI Sportz brand has developed into the market leader, especially in the USA. If you take a look at the top places in the table at top-class paintball tournaments, you will usually find the GI Sportz teams there. Rarely does an event end on the podium without a team playing GI Sportz paintballs.

The Imperial Paintball team sponsoring program has a particularly large share in this. Depending on their performance and the result achieved, teams receive free paint and prize money. No other provider in paintball tournament sports offers this type of sponsorship.

GI Sportz – The company history from the beginning to today in short form

Hardly a paintball manufacturer has such a moving company history behind it as GI Sportz. The brand has been sold, restructured and rebuilt several times over the past few years.

The starting point is the Procaps company in Canada. Procaps is the largest paintball manufacturer in the world and currently holds a market share of around 70%. No other provider dominates the paintball scene as much as Procaps with its brands DXS Paintballs , GI Sportz Paintballs and other house brands.

When the Draxxus brand was at its peak around the turn of the millennium, the company was sold by the owner, Richmond Italia. In the years that followed, the new owner tried in vain to build on the success of the Draxxus brand and subsequently had to contend with massive sales losses and sales problems. In the end, the investor had to realize that the paintball scene is very special and that he may have underestimated this.

Meanwhile, while DXS was going downhill, the former owner, Richmoned Italia, built a strong new paintball brand under the GI Sportz label. Through his connections in the scene and years of experience, it only took GI Sportz a few years to get to the top of the paintball industry. This was another nail in the coffin for DXS' former supremacy, as there was now another major brand in the market, with a leader with much better connections, distribution channels and significantly more experience in the industry.

So it came as it had to come, DXS weakened, GI Sportz stronger. In the end, Richmond Italia bought back his own company for a fraction of what he had sold it to the investor for a few years earlier. Now the brands DXS and GI Sportz were united under one roof and thus represented about 50% of the production volume for paintballs on the world market.

Due to the recession on the market and the ever-increasing competitive pressure, further problems gradually followed, which hit the scene hard. Many small and medium-sized brands were bought up, or closed their doors and disappeared from the market. GI Sportz took advantage of the moment and bought large traditional brands such as Tippmann, which are still market leaders in the field of woodland & scenario paintball, and most recently even the large, long-standing competitor KEE Actionsports from England. Until then, KEE was the clear number 2 in the power structure of the paintball industry. However, due to declining sales figures and the company's extensive infrastructure, KEE came to the brink of bankruptcy. That was the moment when GI Sportz struck and not only eliminated the competitor, but also directly took over their products and distribution network.

As a result of this development, GI Sportz is now by far the largest company in the entire paintball industry, with a market share of around 70%. GI Sportz not only has the most diverse range of products, but is also a pioneering innovator with regard to the latest trends and innovations in paintball.

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