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Gel Blaster – The new outdoor action fun for the whole family
Thursday October 14, 2021

The new Gel Blaster SURGE from Valken is conquering the playing fields…

After Kids Paintball, the Gel Blaster is a new, interesting young trend. The Gel Blasters are not only suitable for children and young people, but also inexpensive, environmentally friendly and don't make any mess. This makes them the perfect start for adventurous youngsters. Who knows, maybe today's gel blaster players will become tomorrow's paintball players. Since the two sports are very close together, this assumption is obvious and so it is not surprising that more and more paintball field operators are expanding their range and offering gel blaster games on their facility.

Gel Blaster is like paintball, only with no age limit!

Yes, you read that right. The Gel Blasters have no age limit. Children from the age of 6 can play with it. This makes Gel Blaster the perfect leisure time fun for children and the whole family. Due to the low projectile energy of less than 0.5 joules, Gel Blasters do not fall within the scope of the Weapons Act. They are therefore practically considered toys. The bullets are fired at a speed of approximately 150 FPS (feet per second) and travel distances of 25 to 30 meters. Another cool feature is that the Gel Blaster SURGE markers have a fully automatic fire mode. This is also easily possible thanks to the low projectile energy of less than 0.5 joules. Such a Gel Blaster can fire up to 12 gel balls per second. This makes it about as fast as a paintball tournament marker. So that the fun doesn't end too quickly with such high firepower, the Gel Blaster markers have a very large magazine with a capacity of around 800 rounds.

Gel blasters are inexpensive, clean and above all environmentally friendly…

With that, everything has already been said in the headline. The advantages of the new Gel Blaster are obvious. With a starting price of well under 100 euros, the devices are not only very inexpensive, but also offer all sorts of other advantages. In addition to the age rating for children, the particular advantage is that the yellow blaster ammunition consists of 99% water. This makes the balls absolutely environmentally friendly and also 100% completely biodegradable. At the same time, the balls leave no residue. On impact, the jelly-like Gel Blaster balls burst into small pieces. At most, a small water stain remains, which dries up immediately. Even after a whole day full of yellow blaster games, you still have a clean, handsome playing field, without the usual paint residue from paintballs or other dirt. Taking it even further, Gel Blasters are also great for indoor use. After the game, the whole system can be easily cleaned with a standard vacuum cleaner.

Paintball parks rely on gel blasters for kids

In order to improve their offer in the youth field, many paintball fields have started to offer the so-called Kids Paintball in recent years. Kids paintball is usually played with smaller paintballs and less powerful markers. However, depending on the federal state, there are age limits and some authorities unfortunately even completely prohibit kids paintball.

Gel Blaster not only creates an alternative here, but also increases the number of possible customers at the same time. Due to the classification as a harmless toy, Gel Blaster can also be played by significantly younger participants. The first paintball systems have therefore set up their own gel blaster playing fields and let children and young people from the age of 6 play there. This significantly expands the range of visitors to these facilities. Now children from the age of 6 can experience the entry into action sports. Even if this is not directly about paintball, Gel Blaster plays almost identically. The movements, the gameplay and the action are just like paintball. Still, Gel Blaster is far safer, doesn't wear off quite as easily, and doesn't leave any residue on players' clothing. After an exciting afternoon full of Gel Blaster games, parents can simply pick up their exhausted children from the field and put them straight into the car. The children don't get any dirtier when playing than when they play hide and seek in their own garden or on the football field.

We equip your playing field with the new Gel Blaster!

As a distributor and wholesaler for paintball fields throughout Germany, we have of course recognized this new, exciting trend. That's why we offer you complete GelBlaster equipment for your field. Feel free to contact us about gel blasters, our customer service will be happy to advise you on the possible uses of gel blasters and how you can best integrate them into your everyday life on your paintball facility.

Open up the Gel Blaster field now – It takes up less space than you think…

If you now say "hey, that would be something for my system, but I don't have any space…", we would like to say at this point, don't worry. A gel blaster field requires significantly less space and maintenance than a normal paintball field. The range of the Gel Blaster is only 25-30 meters. The children who take part in the game are usually between 6 and 15 years old and therefore significantly smaller than adults. A Gel Blaster field on which 8-10 children should play has a size of only 100-200 square meters. It is only about a tenth of the area that a normal paintball field occupies. Fewer covers are also required. You also don't need any cleaning staff for your new Gel Blaster playing field, because at the end of the day the balls simply dry back into 1mm sized crumbs. Even 100,000 shots from a GelBlaster have completely disappeared in the landscape after a week.

Gel blaster ammo is so much cheaper than paintballs

As is well known, the best comes at the end. The costs for operating a Gel Blaster playing field are also significantly lower. Nevertheless, you can offer the customer even more service here. A small bag of Gel Blaster bullets holds up to 10,000 shots. It's no bigger than a small pack of gummy bears. The price-performance ratio is also enormous. the cost compared to paintball is just 5% of what you have to pay for paintball ammunition. Many game fields therefore offer their customers a so-called "all you can shoot" flat rate. This allows the customer to catch up on new Gel Blaster balls as often as he likes, at no extra charge.

Convince yourself now of the new Gel Blaster concept, you will love it! You have lower investment costs, lower running costs, require less playing field space and storage capacity, no longer have to clean fields after playing and will still have more customers and, above all, happier customers than ever before. Talk to us and expand your paintball system with the new Gel Blaster SURGE game concept. We look forward to seeing you.

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