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Fotai Paintballs – 100% PEG, Top Quality, Made in China
Friday December 22, 2017

Fotai paintballs, paintballs made in China

The Fotai brand comes from China, more precisely from the small town of Nantong. So far, China as a manufacturing country was not necessarily known for high quality, but it's obviously different in paintball. Fotai Paint has been stable in terms of quality, price and availability for years and has made a good name for itself in all areas thanks to this reliability.

Fotai is also one of the few companies that does not submit to the usual market conditions and tries to become cheaper at any price. Fotai tries to get better instead. This happens not least through intensive processing of customer feedback. If customers are dissatisfied with a Fotai batch, the background to this is discussed up to the top of the management board and the problem is solved immediately or the quality is adjusted.

In addition, Fotai strives for stable prices on the market. What a box of Fotai Paint cost 3 years ago, it still costs today. Quality and price are stable. In addition, the paint is 100% biodegradable and only the best ingredients are used in production. Another personal quality standard of the Fotai company owner.

Buy Fotai Paintballs from Paintball Sports – All varieties in stock & always fresh

Since we have been working well with Fotai for years and are convinced of the quality of the product, we also have the complete Fotaii range in stock for you. We have all common types of paint from Fotai available all year round and can deliver them in fresh quality and at fair prices.

Fotai started about 5 years ago with 4 types of paintballs. In the meantime, the portfolio has grown to 6 different color ball variants. In addition to the 4 original versions Field, Premium and the 2 tournament variants, paintballs in Cal. 50 and MagFed paintballs were added.

In the following we would like to give you a brief overview of the individual varieties and explain the special features and differences.

Fotai Field Paintballs – Good & cheap, ideal for beginners

The Fotai Field is the cheapest ball. It still has a very round shell, flies excellently and reliably breaks on the opponent and not on the run. Like all Fotai paintballs, the Field Grad is made of 100% PEG material and is therefore completely biodegradable. But this quality also has its price, with us you can buy Fotai Field Paintballs from 33 euros per box including shipping.

Fotai Premium Paintballs – For demanding players

Fotai's mid-range paintball is called Premium. This ball not only flies better, it also has a more brittle cover than the field version. All in all just a step better than the cheap beginner's paint and definitely worth the small surcharge. Here you get a good bit more fun for a few euros more and certainly one or the other extra kill on the account.

Fotai Tournament Paintballs – 2 types, one for each weather

The tournament paint is divided into 2 types at Fotai. Both fly incredibly well, have a bright yellow filling and differ only in the hardness of the shell. The Fotai Tournament A Paint is so brittle that you can only play it without any problems from an outside temperature of 10-15 degrees. On the other hand, there are no problems with bouncers later, even at high temperatures of over 30 degrees, and the opponent is reliably marked.

Fotai Tournament Grade B Paint has a firmer shell, best suited for wet-cold weather and those early morning hours when it's still chilly on the pitches. Then this ball also breaks reliably and comes out of the barrel intact.

Fotai MagFed Paintballs – Special paintballs for markers with a magazine

In 2017, Fotai launched another variety of paintballs for the ever-growing MagFed paintball market. The Fotai MagFed paintballs are specially tailored to the needs of markers with a magazine. The shell is significantly thicker and does not deform as quickly as normal paint, even under pressure in the magazine. Of course, the Fotai MagFed Paint also has the usual flight and marking properties of the other Fotai varieties. Good quality is therefore ensured.

Fotai Cal. 50 Paintballs – 100% PEG Paint for Kids Paintball Markers

Field operators like the Fotai Kids Paint at Cal. 50 especially because of their filling. Not only is this 100% biodegradable, but it is also easily washed out of clothing and removed from equipment. A real advantage, especially on playing fields that have a lot to do with young customers. The parents will certainly let the kids play paintball more often if their clothes aren't always ruined afterwards. With Fotai Cal. 50 paintballs is definitely not a problem.

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