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First Strike Paintballs – In new units of measure
Thursday January 12, 2017

From now on we offer you exclusively First Strike paintballs in new packaging units! We have heard that Paintball Germany asks for it. We're doing you a favor – no matter if you want to buy a small amount, the First Strike Paintballs a little cheaper, or just want to stock up, we have the right sizes in stock for you.

The price also goes down significantly with the new sizes! Instead of paying around 1 euro for a First Strike paintball , we offer you a fair volume scale, the more First Strikes you order, the better your price.

It doesn't matter whether it's a single player or a whole team . The more First Strike Paintballs you want, the cheaper the price will be. So we can offer you the First Strike paintballs from 42 cents per shot including delivery . This saves you a whopping 58% discount compared to the previous prices. The price structure of the new packaging units is kept very simple. Where you used to buy an 8-tube for 9.95 euros, you can now get a 10-tube for the same price. Say 20% more content for the same price.

10 First Strike Paintballs – 9.95 euros

50s First Strike Paintballs – 34.95 euros

100 First Stirke paintballs – 59.95 euros

250 First Strike Paintballs – 129.95 euros

1,000 First Strike Paintballs – 499.95 euros

We removed the 40-pack from the range and replaced it with a 50-pack. What has remained is the old price of 34.95 euros. And for those who just can't get enough, we've created the large , 1,000-round First Strike Master Box . Here you get 1,000 First Strike paintballs for the price of 499.95 euros, which corresponds to a price of only 124.99 euros per box of 250 . Again a whopping savings compared to the old price of 135-140 euros per 250 box.

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