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First Strike Paintballs in a 150 shot bag – NEW
Wednesday February 5, 2020

First Strike paintballs have never been so cheap!

The manufacturer First Strike has given its popular First Strike precision bullets a new sales unit. After the big 600 box, there are now also the small 150 bags that can be bought individually. This new packaging unit replaces the previous 100 shot boxes. The special thing is the price, because the new 150 shot bags cost exactly the same as the old 100 shot boxes. This reduces the price by a whopping 50%, or you get 50% more First Strike paintballs for your money. Shooting First Strike paintballs has never been cheaper.

The new color range of First Strike ammunition

Not only the packaging is new, the color palette has also been polished by First Strike. The new 150 bag of First Strike paintballs are available in 10 (!) colors . So there is not only something for every player and every color taste, but it is also interesting for team games and events if you want to see who tagged whom. We think a wide range of paintball colors is good for everyone!

When can I buy the new 150 round First Strike bags?

The nice thing is that First Sttike didn't make a big fuss in advance to announce the product in advance. This was only the case with the 600 boxes . The 150 bags came onto the market at practically the same time and had not been announced in advance. From now on everyone can already enjoy the new First Strike paintballs. The 150 shot bags are now available from us.

Here you can order the new First Strike 150 shot bags directly.

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