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FIRST STRIKE – Bigger box, smaller price
Wednesday November 8, 2017

First Strike Paintballs 600 Round Box Announced

At this year's World Cup in Orlando, USA, the First Strike brand announced a new packaging unit for the First Strike paintalls, which are very popular with MagFed players. Bulk buyers and teams can soon look forward to a big box with a full 600 shots.

Lt. Manufacturers should also reduce the price of First Strike paintballs by around 20%. If you believe the US dollar prices, you will be able to get the new 600 round box at a price that you have previously paid for 500 rounds. Say 20% more content, or the other way around, 20% savings for the customer.

We think that sounds like a step in the right direction, as First Strike paintballs are more in demand than ever due to the ever-growing MagFed paintball market. Many players and teams now only use First Strike paintballs when they are on the scene's playing fields and events.

When will the new First Strike 600 box be available in Germany?

Unfortunately, we don't have any information about this at the moment, but we are already in contact with First Strike's sales department in order to be able to provide you with as much key data and information as possible as quickly as possible.

According to our personal assessment, we expect availability at the end of the year or spring. As soon as we know more, you will also find the new First Strike 600 shot box directly in our online shop in the First Strike Paintballs section.

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