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EXE Paintballs – Premium quality from Europe!
Monday May 31, 2021

Paintball Sports is expanding the paint range for the new season.

We are always looking for new, interesting brands to expand our range. This time we came across the EXE brand paintballs. These high-quality processed premium paintballs are one of the few varieties on the market in the European Union. This not only promises high quality, but also short delivery routes, which in turn means fresh paint. From now on you can get the entire EXE Paintball product range in our range.

EXE Paintballs has the right paint for everyone

The selection at EXE is really big. Not only is there the right paint for every type of player in terms of quality and price range, but EXE is also one of the few manufacturers that offers its customers a very large selection of paintball colors. The filling of the EXE paintballs is always yellow, as this is now the norm in tournament sports and on most fields in Europe, but the players in EXE paintballs have a really wide range of shells from field paint to tournament paint Selection.

The EXE Paintballs product range at a glance.

Below we have listed the individual varieties and explain them to you in detail. You will also find out which color variations there are.

EXE Impure Field Paintballs

The beginner paint from EXE. Inexpensive, but still of high quality. This paint has a solid matte shell and yellow fill. The shell is available in 4 color variants. – Green, yellow, pink and blue. There is something for every taste.

EXE Desert Premium Paintballs

The middle class paint from EXE. The peel is two-toned and more fragile than that of Field Paint. The filling is thicker and has more color pigments. This makes it more opaque and more visible. You can buy these paintballs in 2 different colors. Once with a yellow-pink skin or alternatively with a blue-yellow skin.

EXE GFive Tournament Paintballs

The high-end paint from EXE. Maximum performance in terms of accuracy, brittleness and filling. A ball for demanding tournament professionals who have an E-pneumatic, because these paintballs are simply too brittle for normal paintball markers. The shell of these paintballs has a metallic pearl effect. This makes them look very high quality. The bowl is available in Lime Green, Metallic Blue and Metallic Purple variants. Depending on the weather and lighting conditions on the field, the different colors of the shell are suitable for being able to better track the trajectory of the ball as a shooter, or to give the opponent not the chance to see the ball flying towards you, for example if you have a dark shell used. The perfect choice.

EXE Impure Cal. 50 paintballs

These paintballs are for all Cal. 50 paintball markers have been developed and are also suitable for kids paintball for children. One of the currently highest quality Cal. 50 paintballs with a visually appealing pearl paint effect and good breakage behavior. A clear recommendation especially for field operators as a premium paint.

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