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Exalt Paintball – The number one in terms of accessories
Monday December 18, 2017

Exalt Paintball – What makes this brand so special?

Exalt has developed into one of the top providers in paintball sports in recent years. Exalt products are of high quality and mostly very innovative. Therefore, in our opinion, they should not be missing in any well-stocked shop.

Exalt Paintball started a few years ago with the production of paintball shoes, the so-called Exalt TRX Cleats, and speed feeds for the Dye Rotor Hopper and some other small parts that should make life easier for the players.

The big break came with the Exalt Barrelmaid . A barrel cleaner of the new generation that is not only simply constructed, but simply works better than anything else you can buy on the market. The Exalt Barrel Maid Barrel Cleaner has one side for cleaning the barrel and a fine side with a microfiber surface for polishing. The whole thing was made with the highest quality materials and is practically indestructible. You can even throw the barrel cleaner in the washing machine after the day of the game and it comes out intact, clean and ready to use.

Since this breakthrough, Exalt Paintball was not only on everyone's lips, but they had also earned the wherewithal to let off steam on a multitude of new projects. You can admire the result today. Exalt releases a good dozen new paintball products every year. The special thing is that every time there is either a technical innovation and you get a completely new product, or Exalt releases an existing product under its own label and lowers the price a good bit. Either way, Exalt always surprises, and their new products continue to delight gamers around the world year after year.

In our large Exalt Paintball Shop you will of course get the full selection of all products and always all new items. We are in close contact with Exalt and regularly receive new goods.

What Exalt products can we expect in 2018? – The news…

So far, not many other innovations have been announced for the coming season. Exalt has already published and announced most of it at the Paintball Worldcup at the end of October.

Among other things, new tech mats were presented in 3 cool designs. Exalt has also announced that they will continue to expand their bag collection. Now that there are already 2 Exalt marker bag models, as well as several transport containers for hoppers, masks, barrels and other accessories, it is only a matter of time before new Exalt bags come onto the market.

In 2017, the Barrel Maid barrel cleaner product range was also expanded. Exalt now offers this in Cal. 50 for the so-called kids paintball markers. In addition, a significantly longer XL Barrel Maid was developed for the sniper players, and there is a Supreme Swab variant with 2 microfibre sides. Quasi an old school barrel cleaner in Exalt quality. Another almost indestructible example with replaceable cleaning pads.

We are sure that 2018 will also be a good year for the Exalt brand and that we can count on a lot of new products. As one of the largest German Exalt dealers, we at Paintball Sports will of course continue to include all new products in our range and will always present and deliver the latest Exalt products to you.

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