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Everything about the Taginn ML-36 paintball and airsoft grenade launcher
Wednesday October 21, 2020


Welcome to a new product test. This time our post is about the slightly coarser caliber on the field, namely the ML-36 grenade launcher models from Taginn. In the following article you will find out what you can do with this good piece, what different types of ammunition there are and why you should definitely have something like this in your own ranks in a MagFed or scenario game. We wish all Grenadiers out there happy reading.

Since there are currently very few new releases in the field of normal paintball marker models, and because we were asked very often about the Taginn ML-36 grenade launcher, we would like to devote this issue to the model in question.

The ML-36 is the first and only grenade launcher for use in paintball and airsoft sports that has its own launcher. In other words, the ML-36 fires the grenades themselves without having to insert any cases or cartridges with a propellant charge, as is the case with other grenade launcher models or bazookas. This is made possible by a unique valve system that works like a semi-automatic paintball marker. – Just a little bigger and with more oomph!

The Taginn ML-36 is operated in the basic version with a standard 12g Co2 capsule. Depending on the outside temperature, this is enough for approx. 8-10 shots. At first glance, that doesn't sound like much, but one mustn't forget that the projectiles with a diameter of 36mm and a length of approx. 80mm are anything but small and therefore require more energy to be fired at long distances . The 12g Co2 capsule is very discreetly packaged in the housing of the visor. If you flip up the visor before shooting to aim, you automatically pierce the capsule in this movement and the grenade launcher is ready for use.

Pressing the loading or ejection button on the left side of the housing, directly in front of the trigger unit, causes the barrel to spring open to the left. You can clearly see the trains and fields in the launch tube. These ensure that the fired grenades rotate around their own axis in flight and thus fly more stably and more accurately. – A projectile that rotates around its longitudinal axis cannot roll over so easily in flight. The trains and fields are therefore an important part and the reason why the Taginn ML-36 can still be used accurately at long distances. So the pipe is now open. Now you can load the projectile of your choice into the grenade launcher. It is important here that the projectiles must first be provided with a sleeve, the so-called "case". They ensure the optimal fit in the barrel and direct the pressure from the valve behind the bullet in a targeted manner to enable optimal range. The sleeve prepared in this way can now simply be pushed into the tube and this can then be closed again with slight pressure. Now the grenade launcher is ready for use and you can look for a target. The ML-36 is triggered via a normal trigger, practically like a normal paintball marker.

The effective operational range of the ML-36 is around 100-160 meters. Depending on the outside temperature, the type of projectile and the angle of inclination when it is fired. You have the greatest range when you fire the grenades at a 45-degree angle. There are a lot of different pyrotechnic projectiles to choose from as ammunition. Since the Taginn ML-36 was developed and approved purely as a launcher for Taginn's pyrotechnic projectiles, we would first like to limit ourselves to the most common grenade models at this point. Later in the text we will also give you an overview of the complete ammunition range of the Taginn ML-36. Let's start with the classic, the so-called Reaper bullet. Reaper projectiles are explosive projectiles. It is available in two versions. Once with a 3.5 second fuse and once with a 4.5 second fuse. The type of fuse determines how long it takes for the projectile to explode on its own after being fired. Next we have what is called the FATE bullet. It has the same properties as the Reaper projectiles and explodes about 4.5 seconds after launch. However, the FATE bullet has an integrated second trigger. If you shoot it at a hard surface, like a house wall or a vehicle, these grenades will explode on impact.

The third pyrotechnic projectile is the VELUM projectile. Velum is a smoke bomb that can be fired with the help of the ML-36 over a long distance directly in front of the enemy team's feet or in their positions. A great feature that can cover your own retreat as well as deceive and confuse the opponent in attack. The Velum bullet is still one of the most popular. As a non-pyrotechnic version, the manufacturer also offers the powder-filled Paladin projectiles. They can be used to “fight” (mark) vehicles and bunkers. Also the pecker dummy bullet for practice. Incidentally, a further developed MK2 version was recently launched here. Not only does it look like the other bullets, it is also bright orange as a training bullet. – This makes it easier to find again, because the dummy projectiles are reusable. Last but not least, the Master-Key-Shot is a type of shotgun ammunition for the airsoft sector. Packed with 130 Airsoft BB's, this missile works best at close range and in confined spaces when space is limited or you want to take out multiple targets at once.

The basic version as an underbarrel grenade launcher can be attached to all models with front shrouds that have standard 20mm Weaver rails. To do this, the grenade launcher is simply clamped onto the front sight rail under the barrel. Due to the internal gas supply already described, no additional connections or lines are required. The product is therefore plug and play ready for use. If you like it a little rougher, or are looking for a complete grenade launcher or grenade pistol, you have the option of upgrading the ML-36 again in combination with the so-called standalone chassis. The standalone chassis is a mount for the ML-36 that has a handle and an adjustable shoulder stock. The grenade launcher is simply placed on the chassis mount and fixed there with two screws. You already have an independent grenade pistol with a shoulder stock that you can carry with you independently or as a second weapon to fire the pyrotechnics.

For those who want to get even more out of their ML-36, the manufacturer Taginn launched the HPA conversion kit last year, which now makes it possible to operate the launcher with a large HPA tank. After installation, the shoulder rest is replaced with a 0.2L HP system. This increases the shot capacity by approx. 250%, i.e. after installation you can fire 20-25 shots from one filling. A welcome upgrade for all Heavygunners.

The question of price. – Unfortunately, the Taginn ML-36 grenade launcher is not a real bargain. But it can't even be, if you take a closer look at the material, design, function and durability. What only very few know, the ML-36 is a 1:1 licensed replica of the original Madritsch grenade launcher, as it is manufactured in Austria and is also used by the armies there and numerous other armies worldwide. The processing, as well as the range and the bullet effect, are unique in the paintball, airsoft and training area. No other manufacturer currently has a similar product on the market.

Now we come to the area of application of the Taginn ML-36 grenade launcher. If you are worried about the costs first, it should be said at this point that it makes no sense to equip every player on your team with such a grenade launcher anyway. In the end, a healthy mix makes a powerful team. Many teams have therefore now started to share the costs and create a maximum of one or two of these models for the entire team. The cost of the ammunition is also shared. That makes perfect sense, because a team always consists of several characters with different tasks. And who wouldn't be happy to be able to rely on heavy support fire from their backline boys in the next game when they're suddenly surrounded by the enemy up front with no other help in sight? The ML-36 even opens up completely new playing and tactical possibilities. Without even having to get within range of the opposing team, you can reliably and safely protect and support your own team with a hail of grenades from a distance of over 100m. An interesting gimmick that could change the game fundamentally and will in any case integrate new, tactical aspects on the playing field. In any case, in MagFed circles you can see more and more of these new grenade launchers in use on the playing fields.

That was our product test of a different kind. We hope you still liked it, even if today it wasn't about everyday paintball equipment. But hey, the market is changing and new toys like this have also found their place in the scene.

In any case, we wish all heavy gunners and grenadiers out there in the fields a lot of fun and success with this new product.

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