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EuroBigGame in Mahlwinkel – The paintball event
Friday July 15, 2016

When developing their new game concept, the organizers of the Euro Big Game – EBG for short, considered the most diverse needs of paintball players and responded to many requests. For this reason paintball is played during the entire EuroBigBame scenario. At the end of the event there can only be one winner, either the red team or the blue team.

When buying tickets, you can decide for yourself which team you want to play for. However, you should know that only a certain number of team-bound tickets are available for purchase. If you are too slow, you can only buy an unbound ticket. If you have such a ticket, you can be assigned to a new team every day.

EuroBigGame – The teams

A team consists of five units and each is led by a team leader. Each unit in a group has various special abilities that are not available to other players. Furthermore, each of these units gets exciting, tactical and sometimes really difficult scenario missions that have to be fulfilled. Anyone who would like to play in a special unit has the opportunity to secure a place directly with the game manager before the start of the EuroBigGame. However, this option is only available if you have a bound ticket. If you want to experience the full game action at the EuroBigGame, you should take care of securing one of the much sought-after bound tickets in good time.

EuroBigGame – what are the special abilities?

Players from the Paratrooper unit can spawn at any point on the field. The infantry units, on the other hand, have the special ability to call in artillery strikes at any time. In addition, the infantry unit is accompanied by a scenario vehicle. The vehicle gunner is chosen by the players themselves. The special forces get special abilities according to their tasks and usually move close to the enemy's hotspot.

The game management is in direct contact with the team leaders of the red and blue groups, so they are always informed about the current course of the game.

EuroBigGame – this event is guaranteed to be a great success every year

There are very few paintball events in Europe where the paintball player must have been there at least once. The EuroBigGame near Berlin directly in Mahlwinkel is definitely one of them. Here you can experience pure paintball action for four days. Of course, the party is not missing either.

The epic event in eastern Germany should not be missed under any circumstances, because the scenarios on the 500,000 square meter site are really tough. The field used for the BigGame was formerly an important Soviet supply airport. But the cold occupation is long gone, and the site is still not unused. If you don't play paintball here, you can rent tank rides with the BMP 1 in Mahlwinkel.

At this event, of course, the physical well-being of the more than 1500 participants is also guaranteed. Thanks to the experienced BigGame organization, there are not only hot water showers when camping, but also enough toilets and electricity. This also includes security, live music, a really impressive trade show, and of course lots of cold beer. Since the site is extremely large, players will be taken to the game every day by shuttle bus.

EuroBigGame – what should you know?

Where is the EuroBigGame held?

As every year, the next Eurobiggame will be held in Mahlwinkel, directly in Saxony-Anhalt. The playing field is the site of the former Russian military airport.

When will the next EuroBigGame take place?

The next BigGame starts like every year on Ascension Day and lasts 4 days. If you have a hero ticket, you can be there a day earlier and secure one of the coveted campsites.

Can minors take part in the EuroBigGame or attend the event?

No, minors do not have access to the Eurobiggame

Can I bring my own paintballs to BigGame ?

No, the Biggames are a so-called FPO event (Field Paint Only)

Can I become part of the staff at the EuroBigGame ?

Yes, it is possible, you just have to send a request directly to the organizer via their website. This forwards the request to the appropriate departments.

Why are the multi-day tickets only valid on special days?

Since in the past players could hardly find opponents on Sundays, although the event is always well attended, special days were set in order to be able to guarantee even opponents.

I want to camp in Mahlwinkel during the event, what are the costs?

If you want to be part of this event, you can of course camp here free of charge and use the showers or toilets. If you want a campsite where you can park your tent and caravan at the same time, we definitely recommend booking in advance.

Can charcoal grills be used on the premises after the event?

Due to the risk of fire and possible sparking, charcoal grills are not permitted. However, gas grills can be used.

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