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EURO BIG GAME 2019 – Event report
Tuesday July 9, 2019

Wednesday: May 29, 2019 – arrival day!

As early as noon, a convoy of vehicles rolls through the tranquil village of Mahlwinkel in eastern Germany and gradually stops at the large entrance gate of the Euro Big Game site, which is a little off the beaten track in the forest. The first thing that catches your eye this year is the atmosphere. A well-equipped guerrilla troop with combat vests and assault rifles awaits us at the entrance to the site. Every visitor who wants to go to the site is first examined more closely by these gentlemen. All harmless, of course, and part of the show program. For us, however, a small highlight right at the start, which immediately provides the right big game feeling.

The first queues form in front of the registration, which is a little further inside on the site. If you traveled spontaneously to the event or simply forgot to register beforehand, you now have to be patient. Hundreds of players are crowding the site in anticipation, eager to claim one of the coveted spots at the campsite. You have to be quick here. The good places with plenty of space for large teams and good connections to the trade show, which attracts with trader tents, catering and sanitary facilities, are in great demand. Gradually, the extensive area of the campsite is filled with cars and tents. Meanwhile, final preparations are underway on the other side of the site. Organizational staff can be seen everywhere, busy doing the last little things so that the event can start without any problems on the following day.

The Tradeshow – It's worth a visit here

While players and organizers are still busy setting up, the traders on site have already had two days of work behind them and are opening the first stands in the trade show. For all players who do not know the EBG yet, it should be said at this point that a visit can also be worthwhile for shopping. On site, many of the retailers offer special offers and event prices. In addition to the brands Tippmann and Planet Eclipse, the dealer colleagues from WSS Berlin and Paint X-treme will also be there. The Paintball Sports Stand is again in the middle of the trade show this year and, thanks to its large, eye-catching facade, is a real eye-catcher. So as a player you definitely have a lot of choices. Even if you think you already have everything, you can still find one or the other small part, accessory or spare part on the retailer's shelves. A visit to the trade show is definitely worthwhile, even if it's just for browsing.

Thursday: The game begins…

Thursday is traditionally the first day of the Euro Big Game. This day is characterized by free games and, in addition to lots of fun, primarily offers the opportunity to get to know the playing field better. The actual guided gameplay missions don't start until Friday morning. Thursday is also still an arrival day for many. Those who are not already there on Wednesday can use the free Ascension Day to set off and pitch their tents in Mahlwinkel. If you have booked an event ticket from Friday to Sunday, you get Thursday as a free match day on top. This little goodie is already a tradition at the EBG and, in our opinion, is a great thing for all players who just want paintball even more. Due to the growing interest of the players, Thursday has been part of the fixed event schedule for most of them for several years. Big battles with hundreds of players are already being fought here, too.

Friday: Here we go!!!

The campground filled up again overnight. Unnoticed under the cover of darkness, other players have arrived throughout the night. The campsite is packed. Everywhere you see groups of players in camouflage suits moving towards the trade show. Breakfast, ammunition in the form of paintballs and the Chronystation for testing the markers are waiting there. Those who have gone through these 3 stations are ready for the day and go to the game management tent, where they receive their team's colored ribbon. This year it's again Team RED against Team BLUE. Once the teams have been assigned, it's off to the start zone. On site, the two teams meet their generals. Using a tactical map, the terrain and direction are explained and the first mission goals of the day are set. All troops know their mission, are loaded to the brim with paintballs and eagerly await the starting shot. It starts at 10:00 sharp and the first players sprint onto the site. After a few minutes you can hear the first firefights echoing out of the forest. The Euro Big Game 2019 has officially started. Team RED dominates the 1st matchday.

In the evening, after around 8 hours of paintball action, a winner of the day will be determined. The RED team was able to achieve a large part of its mission goals and deservedly takes the victory of the day back into its own camp. Meanwhile, the losers withdraw and are already making plans for the following day. Even if the teams meet on the field as bitter opponents, the atmosphere in the evening is all the more forgiving. After a hot shower and an invigorating meal from the numerous foot trucks, you will find yourself together in the middle of the large staging area at the beer truck. There, one or the other after-work beer is drunk and of course there is plenty of talk about paintball and today's games. The surrounding stands of the dealers are usually open until late at night. Another attraction after the end of the game.

Saturday: Is there a revenge today?

After yesterday's narrow defeat, Team BLUE has gathered and regrouped. The general has sworn in his troops and wants victory for the day. For support, he has reinforced his team with armored vehicles, which are intended to provide cover for their own troops and can enable rapid space gains. Over long stretches, however, this results in a tough positional battle today. Both teams make up ground, but also lose it elsewhere. In the end, however, Team BLUE had to admit defeat, so that today's winner of the day, and thus also the winner of the EBG 2019, is called Team RED. The highlight of the supporting program is in the evening, and on Saturdays the EBG site is transformed into a festival year after year. Live music and hot girls in skimpy outfits heat up the audience. There is also the annual auction for a good cause, in which all local retailers and brands participate and contribute products that are auctioned off to the players for a good cause. The proceeds will go to the Löwenherz children's hospice again this year. Afterwards, with loud music and one or the other cold drink, the partying continues cheerfully and merrily. The event site is full, a few hundred paintballers are celebrating the last evening together at the biggest scenario event of the year. If you can't be found at the trade show, you can sit comfortably with the team on the campsite, have a barbecue and have exciting paintball talks.

Sunday: The day of departure

Although Sunday is an official game day at the Euro Big Game, it is also the day of departure. Many players who come from far away and have to go back to work the next day pack their things in the morning and head home. 2-3 days with up to 8 hours of paintball each is noticeable in your bones. Visibly exhausted from the exertions of the last few days or from the exuberant party the night before, more and more players are gradually leaving the site. Officially, the game continues until 1 p.m. Although only a fraction of the approximately 2,000 event participants managed to go onto the field again, the number of players on the field on Sunday was still in the 3-digit range. Some die-hards only put down the markers when the final siren sounds at 1 p.m. and the game master officially declares the EBG 2019 over.

In the trade show, dismantling begins at around 11 a.m. In the morning, the dealers supplied the last players with their products, but they are now tired and looking forward to going home. All in all, the Euro Big Game was a great event again this year with lots of highlights. The feedback from the players was very positive and the many innovations on the field were also well received.

However, one change that was particularly praised this year had less to do with playing paintball itself. It was about the food. The organizer decided on a new catering concept this year and invited numerous food trucks from all over Germany. This provided significantly more variety on the players' plates and was really tasty on top of that. It is already clear to us that we will be there again in 2020 and we are excited to see what the organizers will come up with for the coming year. So come home safe and see you next year in Mahlwinkel…

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