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Energy Paintball Batteries – New Formula Now Available!
Friday June 8, 2018

Buy Energy Paintball Batteries at Paintball Sports

The heart of every paintball marker is the power supply, i.e. the battery. What many players do not know is that there are serious differences in batteries , and even the renowned German battery manufacturers such as Varta or Duracell do not always have the right model for the paintball markers developed and tested in the USA in stock. We explain what you should consider when buying a battery and where the small but relevant differences lie.

Attention, your paintball marker requires 9.6 volts working voltage!

What many do not know, in the USA, the home country of paintball sports , there are no 9V batteries . The block batteries there generally have a voltage of 9.6V, i.e. 0.6V more than the standard batteries in Germany. For this reason, the marker generally lacks some consistency and performance when you switch to German or European battery models.

This is generally possible for the time being and the marker also works trouble-free with the 9V batteries that are common in this country, but not nearly as long as with a higher-quality battery with the corresponding voltage. The performance curve then falls off quite quickly and the marker can no longer develop its full performance potential.

The mAh number is crucial – never use long-life batteries…

Not only the voltage is decisive for the performance of a battery, but above all the mAh (milliampere hours) number. This indicates how much energy the battery can deliver to the paintball marker at once.

Many players make the mistake of using batteries with too low a mAh number. Long-life batteries, for example, are used particularly often. These suggest to the user through the name and the label on the packaging that they provide energy for a particularly long time. In principle, that is correct, but almost all batteries contain the same amount of energy. A long-life battery gives off little energy over a long period of time, precisely because of the very low mAh number. But what your paintball marker needs to work optimally is a lot of energy to the point, so that the battery is empty faster because the energy is used up faster. Here you can only take countermeasures with particularly high-quality batteries , for example those from Energy Paintball.

Why should I play Energy Paintball Batteries ?

The answer to this question is obvious and has practically already been given in the paragraph above. The Energy paintball batteries have a higher voltage and a mAh (milliampere hour) output specially designed for the needs of paintball markers. Your marker is always optimally supplied with energy, without sudden fluctuations or the like.

What is special about the new Secret Formula from Energy Paintball?

Of course, the manufacturer does not reveal what exactly is in it. However, a battery generally always consists of minerals and chemicals. The higher the quality of the materials used, the better the energy flow, and the more energy the battery can store and release again later in use. In fact , the Energy Paintball Secret Formula is nothing more than selected, high-quality material components that lead to optimal energy performance. Just what your paintball marker needs to reach its full potential.

How do I know that my battery is empty?

Probably the clearest sign is, of course, when the marker either doesn't start at all or doesn't shoot anymore. The marker's battery indicator is also a reliable indicator of when a battery change is due.

An indication that can occur in the game, even if the marker is still showing a half-charged battery, for example, is a "stuttering" of the marker. If the first shot comes out of the barrel with full force and the marker then begins to rattle more and more the faster you pull the trigger, then there is a high probability that the battery is dead.

When should I change the battery in my paintball marker?

There is no correct rule of thumb for this. If you play regularly every 1-2 weeks, you should insert a fresh battery after every second or third day of play, depending on the length of the game. We definitely ALWAYS recommend installing a new battery before decisive games such as tournaments or league matchdays. Then you have already ruled out this problem and will not experience any nasty surprises on the day of the game.

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