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EGLM paintball grenade launcher
Friday July 15, 2016

The original comes from FN Herstal and was developed as a holistic grenade launcher for the Belgian FN SCAR rifle. Luckily z. B. the manufacturer Maxtact (formerly Honorcore) based exactly on this design and used it for its paintball marker TGR.

The EGLM can be used on a paintball marker, but definitely MUST be modified. The trigger unit of the EGLM was designed in such a way that the magazine of the marker / weapon can be fed through. This creates an incredibly holistic system that allows the shooter optimal trigger behavior.


Of course, the grenade launcher can also be installed and operated without a trigger unit. If you prefer to play the EGLM individually, as a backup in your backpack, so to speak, we also offer you the standalone version. The EGLM is built into a Picatinny Rail with a 45 grip and can therefore be played without a marker. A sighting aid and an adjustable shoulder rest are also available.

EGLM paintball grenade launcher – the technical details

The way the grenade launcher works is very simple. You load the 40 mm cartridge with Green Gas and e.g. B. paintball balls. Then you close the cartridge with a rubber cap, which is fired with the paintball balls when the trigger is pulled. The cartridge always stays in the grenade launcher and is of course not fired. There are many options for what you can shoot and how. Unfortunately we cannot give you any information on this. Just search the web. The 40mm cartridges are not included and must be purchased separately.


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