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Dynamic Sports Gear – the big product update
Monday June 28, 2021


The products of the Dynamic Sports Gear brand are not only innovative and of high quality, but are also currently among the most eagerly awaited new releases in the German paintball market. That was reason enough for us to take a closer look and to compile news, information and updates on the upcoming innovations from Dynamic Sports Gear for you in this article. The result is interesting information and a timeline for the release of numerous new products that Dynamic Sports Gear fans can look forward to in the near future.


This product is not only special, it is also one of the currently most popular DSG projects. With the PBG30, Dynamic Sports Gear promises the first reusable paintball hand grenade that really works like a real grenade. Size, design and function are like a real hand grenade. The jacket accommodates 30 68 caliber paintball balls, which are fired in a radius of up to 25 meters in all directions when triggered. DSG has given its PBG30 grenade a nice additional feature, namely an integrated timer. With this, the release time of the grenade can be freely set from 3-10 seconds. The setting is made using the rotatable head of the grenade, once the timer has been set, it is held in place using the grenade bracket and secured with the associated cotter pin. Just like a real hand grenade. According to the manufacturer, the development status of this product is already at 90% and some parts are even in pre-production for series production. A slow-motion video of the function test of the 3D-printed prototype has been available on the DSG Facebook page for a few months now, as well as the energy the pressure chamber develops inside. The DSG PBG30 Grenade will definitely bring tons of new ways to play.


This product also comes from DSG and is actually more than overdue. Dynamic Sports Gear originally announced its First Strike T15 accessory for October 2020, but like so many other things, Corona intervened and production was delayed. The T15 Power Tube replaces the standard bolt sleeve inside the T15 and is intended to enable the marker to work more constantly and air-efficiently thanks to the lower manufacturing tolerances and a smoother, hard-anodized surface. According to the manufacturer, an air saving of up to 20% could be achieved in a test with the T15 FA Kit, which actually consumes a lot of air.

In addition, the marker should also work more consistently in different weather conditions. The so-called Re-Cock-Screw usually has to be adjusted to the current weather conditions so that the marker can be repeated (reloaded) without problems. With the T15 Power Tube you should be able to screw the screw in completely and the marker can still work without problems in any weather. Probably the best thing about the T15 Power Tube is that you have installed a barrel thread for A5 or Cocker barrels directly at the front. There are two model variants, as a player you have to choose which thread you want to play before you buy it. This means that all Hammerhead or Nemesis barrels now fit directly onto the T15 without an adapter. DSG promises the product release before the summer, because according to the manufacturer, the products are already in final production.


In terms of visor rail technology, Dynamic Sports Gear is also apparently about to release the product. The adjustable ASR Rail was announced in 2020 and has been eagerly awaited ever since. With it you can adjust the angle of inclination of the visor via a handy rotary wheel and thus compensate for the curved trajectory of the paintball and first strike balls. You can finally adjust your sights so that the bullet hits where the crosshairs are. You no longer have to stop over the target if you want to shoot at long distances.

According to Dynamic Sports Gear, the Adjustable Sniper Rail will be available in stores within the next two to three months. Unfortunately, this also depends on the current pandemic and cannot be seen as a guaranteed time window. The high quality of the materials used promises a very long service life and an extremely low weight compared to other manufacturers. The length of the rail allows the mounting of different optics with different dimensions. It can therefore not only be used for red dots, but also for rifle scopes. In addition, the sniper rail acts as a practical handle on your marker. It can be mounted on any Weaver/Picatinny rail using two screws.


This product is one of the most hyped and eagerly awaited paintball products in the world. DSG is working with the PSR14 on what is by far the most realistic paintball sniper rifle ever. At the same time, this is also the company's largest and most complicated project to date. Unfortunately, there have been enough setbacks and delays in recent months and years. DSG has been working on its PSR14 marker for around three years now and unfortunately there is still no release date in sight. Every now and then, fans on Dynamic Sports Gear's Facebook page are presented with scattered updates on this project, but the big picture doesn't seem to have really come together yet.

However, we were assured that the PSR14 project is still being worked on at full speed and that numerous serious advances have already been made in the past few weeks and months. As of now, the marker is still in the alpha test phase, so players will unfortunately have to wait until next year. We ourselves are also big fans of the PSR14 project and will of course keep you up to date as soon as there is anything new to report.


So much for the current outlook on the upcoming DSG products. Of course we really wanted to know what other products will be available in the future. Unfortunately, Dynamic Sports Gear has slightly changed its information policy regarding new products. Too often in the past there have been setbacks and delays in the release of products. This not only caused displeasure and long faces among the players and fans of the brand, but also did not live up to Dynamic Sports Gear's own claims.

For this reason, DSG has decided, according to its own statement, to only announce new products in the future that have already gone through all the test and development stages and are actually already in production. A small drop of sadness for all fans, because they often and happily cheered on social media when new products were presented and discussed. But certainly also a good step towards a more professional appearance and improved customer communication. In any case, DSG never had to hide itself with its products. The partly premature information and release announcements, on the other hand, have probably damaged the brand's image in the past. Now you want to connect to the usual professional level of the products. We are excited to see how the Dynamic Sports Gear brand will continue and in any case we are already looking forward to the new products that will be released this year.

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