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Dye Paintball Onlineshop – markers, masks and more
Tuesday August 3, 2021

Dye products are best bought right here!

Paintball Sports has been one of the leading dye paintball online shops in Germany for over 10 years. Not only do we have the latest and best Dye paintball products in our range, but we also regularly have current offers for our customers related to the Dye brand. Be it by buying special items of this brand, or because we have the opportunity to go into the market here and there with our special conditions as one of the largest German Dye Paintball dealers and to give you cool offers and inexpensive product deals. At the same time, we are in very close contact with the manufacturer Dye and their management, marketing and sales. We usually know a few weeks before the actual product release what new products will be coming onto the market in the near future. Of course, you can also order these brand new dye products from us first and receive them directly after the market launch, before most other paintball players out there.

The Dye brand – how it all started…

The US brand DYE, which stands for Dave Youngblood Enterprises, has grown with the Dye Boomstick barrel for paintball markers. This was way ahead of the competition in the 1990s and inspired paintball players worldwide with its high quality and outstanding shot pattern. Even today, the Dye Boomstick barrels are among the best and highest quality paintball barrels on the market. The two-part design, consisting of a running back and a running front, has been largely retained. Only the optics have been made a bit cleaner, since the optical taste of the players has changed bit by bit over the years. However, major changes were made to the material. While the first Dye Boomstick barrels were made of simple stainless steel, today aluminum is much lighter and at least as stable. For high-tech fans and everyone who likes to play a weight-optimized dye paintball marker setup, there are also the Dye Ultralite Boomstick Carbon barrels. These currently represent the highest level of manufacturing technology for barrels and consist of a hybrid solution made of a very thin, highly polished aluminum core and a stable but ultra-light carbon sheath.

High end paintball markers from Dye

The tournament markers from Dye have also been among the best and most popular models worldwide for years. The current flagship, the Dye M3 + has been on the market for 3 years and is still one of the absolute world leaders in high-end paintball markers. Whether in the German paintball league DPL or in international competition at the NXL, the CPS or other leagues and events, Dye teams are on the podium everywhere with their Dye M3+ paintball markers and celebrate success.

With the Dye DSR, the manufacturer also introduced a new mid-range model a few years ago. Since the end of the Proto Matrix, Dye had deliberately avoided the middle class segment for paintball markers. However, it was then decided to attack this price range again with a brand new model and developed the Dye DSR . This not only has a whole new bolt system, but it is also one of the lightest and most compact dye paintball tournament markers ever.

Dye Paintball Masks – Dye I4 vs. Dye I5

Even in the field of high-quality paintball protective masks, the Dye company is not easily fooled. Dye is also the only brand in the world that has successfully managed to establish two high-end paintball mask models on the market. It all started many years ago with the Dye I4 . The concept of this mask is just as successful today as it was then and it was only due to the fact that the Dye I4 was quite small that a new mask model with a wider frame was created with the Dye I5. Big players had complained that with the Dye I4 mask, some areas of the jaw or sometimes an earlobe peeked out from under the mask. The players did not feel optimally protected as a result. Dye not only listened carefully to its customers here, but also actively responded to the wishes of the paintball community. The result is the larger Dye I5 paintball mask , which otherwise has all the features of the tried and tested Dye I4 model.

The Dye Rotor Hopper – This paintball loader has set new standards.

With the advent of the Dye Rotor Loader, the paintball hopper market changed almost overnight. The Dye Rotor was years ahead of the competition at the time. Worse still, no other manufacturer came close to seeing this product coming, so it was only a matter of time before all the competing products at the time disappeared from the market. The Dye Rotor has almost completely taken over the global paintball market within only 6 months and with a market share of over 50% it was impossible to imagine life without it. So it was only logical that a successor had to come at some point. This appeared a few years ago in the form of the Dye R-2 Loader (Dye Rotor 2). The new Dye R-2 had similar features as the previous model, but was improved in significant ways. For example, the capacity can be increased from 200 to 250 balls with a single movement and without tools. Another milestone in hopper development that is still unique today.

Dye has now also launched the Dye LT-R (LighT Rotor) for price-conscious players. With its competitive price of less than 100 euros, this is the current measure of all things for newcomers and teaches the competition to fear in terms of price-performance ratio. The Dye LT-R Paintball Hopper also has the same features as the first Dye Rotor Loader once had.

What else is there from Dye? – The assortment is huge!

At this point we could go on like this forever, because the Dye brand not only has many high-quality products, but also offers plenty to talk about. The fact is, we will continue to include all new Dye products in our range for you, so that our Paintballsports Dye online shop will continue to grow in the future.

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