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Friday February 23, 2018

The Dye M3s – What's New?

Dye has completely turned its proven M2 upside down and rethought many parts. The result is a brand new high-end paintball marker that Dye definitely didn't have before.

The new Dye M3s is practically a hybrid of the previous model Dye M2 and the recently introduced Dye DSR . For the first time , the DSR uses a new type of bolt system called ARC . In the M3s we find a variant that works a little differently and has become a good deal more efficient. All in all, one can say that the Dye M3s combines the best of Dye M2 and Dye DSR in one paintball marker . A successful combination with impressive performance data. We're definitely excited to see how the new Dye M3 will perform on the pitches and tournaments in Europe next season, but we're already certain that Dye teams will be playing at the top again with this kit.

The key details of the Dye M3s

We're often asked what's new about the Dye M3s paintball marker and why should I buy it when I already have an M2. Many laypeople and newcomers only see the crucial differences at second glance, since the technical innovations are not always immediately apparent. For this reason we would like to go into the intricacies of the new Dye M3s a little more at this point.

As already mentioned above, the most important innovation is the new FL-21 bolt . This comes from the Dye DSR, but has been further developed. Due to the modified bolt guide, compared to the old Fuse Bolt system, the FL-21 bolt is much gentler on the paint and requires less pressure to move in the marker. This lowers the working pressure to an unbelievably low 115 PSI or, in German, to approx. 7.5 bar. The result is not only a much gentler shot, but also a reduction in the shot noise and a significantly improved air efficiency of the marker.

In addition to the outstanding new bolt system, numerous features have been adopted from the proven Dye M2 system. Among other things, the large display, the board that can be adjusted and programmed via a 5-way joystick and the reinforced eye pipe. But these are just a few of the features that the new Dye M2 can offer. You can get a more detailed overview in Dye's product video, which briefly and precisely introduces all the features.

All features of the new Dye M3 in the video:

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