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Friday July 15, 2016

The newest 2015 paintball marker from DYE is the M2 . With the M2, DYE has ushered in a new era for DYE high-end markers. The basis of the new DYE marker is the technology of the well-known DYE Matrix paintball markers. However, the old components were completely reworked beforehand. That means regulator, frame, bolts, LPR and all the other technical parts are much more powerful than before. In short, you won't find a more modern, powerful and reliable paintball marker on the market today.

DYE M2 paintball marker – what has improved?

  • The new Hyper-5 regulator in the marker is a quarter more effective than the previous model.
  • The working pressure inside the DYE M2 is a good twenty percent lower than in the previous model.
  • With the DYE M2, the dwell has also been reduced, which also makes the fuse bolt much more effective.
  • The board can be adjusted individually, according to the needs of the paintballer
  • The DYE M2 has an integrated battery that is charged via a USB port.
  • The DYE paintball gun is wireless, which guarantees optimal handling.
  • The clamping feed is freely adjustable.
  • The DYE M2 has integrated internal pressure sensors
  • The bolt of the paintball gun can also be removed easily and without tools.
  • The ASA has also been improved as there is now twenty percent more airflow.
  • The eyepipe has been increased by a good sixty percent.
  • With the purchase you get two DYE Boomstick-Backs in addition to the marker.

DYE M2 – what makes the DYE marker so unique?

  • A 1 inch Prisma OLED color display
  • Diagnostic help and a total of 7 data recovery systems
  • 5-way joystick
  • 11 operational control interfaces
  • 3 different training modes
  • 2 internal pressure sensors
  • The USB port is expandable
  • 5 warning indicators
  • The resolution of the OLED color display is 128×128 pixels
  • 3 play screen options
  • A total of 6 player profiles can be saved.
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